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Charter Award Ceremony 2016 – Ceremony at the European Parliament

Charter Award Ceremony 2016 – Registrations are now open!

A new partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Fresh start for Sustainable Tourism at Svalbard archipelago, Norway.

Charter Verification @ Monviso Park

Sustainable Tourism in Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve

Northern Portugal: the new nature destination

Cinque Terre NP: A current challenge for quality tourism

Sustainable tourism pays off: results from the French Sustainable Tour Operators

Call for new Verifiers – European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

The ECST in Italy: which are the reasons for success?

The Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Spain

Not the usual suspects: LIFE programme, Charter for Sustainable Tourism and Lands of Priolo

in 2015

Charter Award Ceremony 2015

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism at Expo Milano 2015

EUROPARC @ ETIS Conference, European Commission

Being an EcoTourist in Spain // Mobile APP

Newsletters from the Charter Network

Taking the European Charter forward

As well as the EUROPARC Federation there are currently a wealth of people and several projects working to keep the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism current and to develop it further…

  • EUROPARC Sustainable Tourism working group are providing expertise on projects and Charter activities.
  • Evaluation Committee and verifiers are responsible for the process of awarding Charter areas.
  • EUROPARC Sections all work to take the Charter forward in their countries or regions.
  • In 2014 the EUROPARC Federation signed a Supporter Agreement with the World Travel and Tourism Council and the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, which has been renewed annually