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Volunteer management in European Parks - getting our hands dirty for nature in Brussels

Volunteer management in European Parks

EU-GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project

The EU-GRUNDTVIG Multilateral Project “Volunteer Management in European Parks” has come to its end after three years of international collaboration. Financed by a grant of the European Union within the Programme of Lifelong Learning/GRUNDTVIG, the consortium – consisting of European, national and regional networks of Protected Areas, as well as individual parks across eight countries – is proud to celebrate today the project achievements and its legacy for the benefit of “green volunteering” and Protected Areas in Europe.

This project provided an invaluable opportunity to advance existing approaches to Lifelong Learning through conservation volunteering and to find means of consolidating these as integrative parts of protected areas' volunteer management.

This GRUNDTVIG project project ran from 01 November 2010 till 31st October 2013. The lead project partner EUROPARC Germany was coordinating activities of the following joining agencies: Rodna Mountains National Park Administration (RO), The Conservation Volunteers (UK), EUROPARC Atlantic Isles, The Environment Agency of Iceland, The EUROPARC Federation, FUNGOBE/ EUROPARC Spain, Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, Federparchi- EUROPARC Italy, The Association of Lithuanian State Parks and Reserves, and EUROPARC Atlantic Isles as "silent partner"

These partners have already cooperated successfully in GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnership "European Volunteers in Parks" focusing on the transfer of new skills and experiences in volunteer management and gaining experiences in the international exchange of short-term volunteers.


Objective and results

Project partners intended to disseminate innovation and good practice in the field of volunteer management and upgrade learning opportunities in the context of volunteering.

The project succesfully produceed the following outputs:

  • Trainings for volunteer coordinators (VC), who manage, supervise and teach volunteers; ongoing exchange of vm material and methods
  • Innovative learning material for VCin European parks
  • Exemplary combined working/learning opportunities in parks for foreign volunteers and park employers for mutual tutoring, enhancing expertise, life skills and practical skills
  • Guidelines for professional volunteer management in European parks
  • Awareness-raising national seminars in the “Year of Volunteering” 2011,  focusing on volunteering and LL
  • Report on benefits of volunteering in parks on local communities and volunteers,  especially referring to LL

For information on activities and project outputs, visit Recent News and Volunteers in Parks.

The project aimed to further the professionalisation of volunteer management in European parks by supporting the EU Lifelong Learning of Volunteers mission. Building a vital network of skilled volunteer coordinators in parks is essential for protected area management. In addition, more awareness is raised about the value of protected areas well as about the role of volunteers contributing to their protection, maintenance and care.

Contact: Project Coordinator Bettina Kühnast


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