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Gut Siggen Holstein, biking to the beach after the seminar, Photo by Richard Novak (HU)

Siggen Seminars

Once a year, for a week EUROPARC Federation holds a seminar on different topics, at Gut Siggen, the seminar centre of Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, gathering directors and technicians from protected areas across Europe.
The series of Siggen Seminars is possible due to the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S., who´s founder was one of Federation's founders and played an important role in its growth and development.


Siggen seminars are beneficial to the EUROPARC Federation and its members in a number of ways. The outcomes from working groups and seminars feed into the organisational and strategic development of the federation, allowing us to pursue and take forward important issues and themes for Europe’s protected areas management and practitioners. EUROPARC members directly benefit from the Siggen seminar: where, they can use the facilities and enjoy the peaceful and inspiring environment on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany.

The opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experience, and establish professional contacts are most beneficial for working in the international context of conservation. The knowledge that participants gain in Siggen feeds back into their work in the different regions of Europe and fosters their sense of connectedness and togetherness in the EUROPARC Federation. Each year, Siggen seminar enables EUROPARC to support our members in their field of work and to strengthen the European umbrella organization. The outcomes of Siggen seminars prove that international exchange and collaboration are crucial for each and every one of EUROPARC’s member organizations.

Alfred Toepfer Foundation and EUROPARC have been working closely together, particularly in the program of Alfred Toepfer Scholarship, for which the Foundation charitably donates funds for research projects of young conservationist. The support of Alfred Toepfer Foundation is highly appreciated by EUROPARC Federation and the continuation of the annual seminars will ensure that all members can actively contribute to the ongoing strategic development of the Federation.

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