EU elections – EUROPARC call for action

Yorkshire Dales kaarst - Photo by Hilary Fenten

The European Union is about to face a big change in the coming months, with the election of the EU Parliament in May, the following nomination of new European Commissioners and the appointment of the President of the European Council. The renewed Institutions will set and drive the political priorities and strategies for the coming years in Europe. With millions of citizens involved in the process, and for whom the environment is a top priority, it is a good time to raise the voice of our natural heritage.

EUROPARC is calling here to action European Political Groups, National Parties and Movements, as well as individual candidates, to ensure a sustainable future for our economy and our environment.

Our Natural Heritage: the Key to Europe’s Future

In April 2019, within its call for action, EUROPARC released the Policy Paper “Our Natural Heritage: the Key to Europe’s Future“. This document aims to raise awareness on the necessity to take action on different topics concerning Protected Areas. The document also identifies four priority areas which require urgent attention and action:

  • sustainable economic development;
  • healthy ecosystems;
  • youth leadership;
  • climate change.

Our natural heritage has to be put at the core of any political programs and strategies and Protected Areas are one of the key to boost sustainable economy, support biodiversity and address climate change. The new European parliament and the EU institutions will be confronted with those challenges and will be asked to address them, answering to the high expectation of European citizens.

Our Natural Heritage: the key to Europe´s Future - download

Download the Policy Paper:

(English) “Our Natural Heritage: the key to Europe´s Future”

(Italian) “Il nostro patrimonio naturale: la chiave per il futuro dell’Europa”

(French) “Notre Patrimoine Naturel: la Clé du Futur de l’Europe”

The European Union has made fundamental steps to address these challenges and has good legislation in place, but still, further development and more effective implementation is required for the coming years.

For more information please contact Stefania Petrosillo: s.petrosillo(at)