June 20th, 2023
German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette

TransParcNet 2023

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Members of EUROPARC’s Transboundary Parks network TransParcNet are invited to come together in the German-Dutch Nature Park Maas-Schwalm-Nette. Register now to the TransParcNet 2023!

Fire and water – how to deal with ‘natural’ disasters in transboundary cooperation?

That is the topic of this year’s TransParcNet: The annual gathering of EUROPARC’s Transboundary Park Areas. This year, we will come together on the border of Germany and The Netherlands. During the programme, professionals will discover how Transboundary Protected Areas can work together to prevent and mange “natural” disasters. Register now to the TransParcNet 2023, taking place from 20 – 23 June.

Climate Change and its effects does not stop at borders. Whether it is dry summers leading to forest fires, or high amounts of rain in a small-time frame causing flooding, these disasters require a transnational approach.

The programme includes lectures, workshops, excursions and, of course, a cultural evening.

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Registration closes on the 12th of May. Register here.