Through our new series of interviews, we will present different professionals that conform EUROPARC Federation network speaking about different topics concerning protected areas management.

Each issue will be focused on specific cuestions, and our objective is to share the personal experiences, opinions and even anecdotes of some of the persons working behind the scenes of protected areas. We commit to release interviews in a regular basis and always with the same intention; learn together and share our passion for nature.

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas – Patrizia Rossi

Do you ever wonder what is the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas? Patrizia Rossi explains in a simple manner what is the ECSTPA about.

Benefits of sustainable tourism for businesses – Mike Brauner

Learn about the benefits that Sustainable Tourism can bring to businesses from the hand of an expert in sustainable tourism working in the private sector.

Benefits of sustainable tourism for local inhabitants – Richard Denman

How can Sustainable Tourims benefit people living around a protected area? Richard Denman explains it based on his personal experience as a consultant on sustainability.

The forum of the ECST – Josep María Prats

What is the forum of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas? Watch Josep María Prats´interview and find answers to this an other questions regarding the Forum.

EUROPARC Federtion and IUCN – Inger Andersen

Among our work, at EUROPARC we collaborate with IUCN in promoting nature conservation in Europe. Likewise, IUCN helps EUROPARC to forward our word to international level. Learn about his collaboration from the hand of Inger Andersen.

EUROPARC Spain – Marta Mugica

Interview to the Coordinator of the EUROPARC Spain, Marta Mugica, who speaks about the work the do at national level, the challenges they face and the lessons learned along their experience.

Transboundary Cooperation – Michael Hosek

As Coordinator of the EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe Section, Michael Hosek explains what is the Transboundary programme and its importance in this region.

Protected areas and Climate Change – Ignace Schops

The President of EUROPARC Federation, Ignace Schops, speaks about the role of protected areas in addressing climate change and how EUROPARC is supporting their work.

Youth representation on EUROPARC Federation Council – Laura Peters

The first youth representative on EUROPARC Federation Council, Laura Peters, speaks about her experience inside the council and as a Junior Ranger.

EUROPARC Federation at ministry level – Olaf Ostermann

As the Head of Large Protected Areas Unit in the Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, Olaf Ostermann speaks about the impact that EUROPARC Federation has at ministry level.

The integration of Fedenatur and EUROPARC Federation – Maria Marti

While the integration of Fedenatur and EUROPARC Federation takes place, Maria Marti, Manager Director of Collserola Natural Park and Secretary-General of Fedenatur, speaks about this alliance and the benefits that it will bring to periurban parks in Europe.

EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe section – Jakub Kaspar

EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe section, as part of EUROPARC Federation, carries out important programs and activites for protected areas located in this region. Find out more about their work from the hand of Jakub Kaspar, President of EUROPARC CEE section.

Transboundary Parks strategy planning

Members of the Transboundary Parks programme met in Regensburg, Germany, to plan its future strategy. Learn more about the meeting and about the opinions of the participants, Stefano Santi, Arto Ahokumpu, Leo Reyrink, Jakub Kašpar and Tiia Kalske.

EUROPARC Federation & Sections – Working together for Europe’s Protected Areas

In this video, you will learn how EUROPARC Federation and Sections representatives are organising themselves to better support Protected Areas at regional and European level.