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E-News June 2019: What EU Nature needs after elections

E-News April/May 2019: May: a month of decisions – and webinars

E-News March 2019: Young people in protected areas: the Alfred Toepfer Scholarship and upcoming events

E-News January/February 2019: Sustainable Tourism Conference in Greece!


E-News December 2018: The Best of 2018 and a message from our Secret Santa presented by Federico Minozzi

E-News November 2018: At the Highest Level!  presented by Giacomo Benelli

E-News October 2018: A Call for Change all about the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto and EUROPARC Conference 2018

E-News August 2018: EUROPARC Conference 2018: all you need to know presented by Alan Smith

E-News July 2018: A Youth Manifesto for Europe’s Protected Areas presented by Steffi Burger

E-News June 2018:  New capacity building project  | Last call for EUROPARC Conference early-birds presented by Neil McIntosh

E-News May 2018: “Green Cities do Better” presented by Teresa Pastor

E-News April 2018: EUROPARC Conference in Scotland | Health & Protected Areas Toolkit   presented by Stefania Petrosillo

E-News March 2018TransParcNet Meeting 2018 & much more   presented by Bárbara Pais

E-News 2018/02: Siggen Seminar and Natural Heritage Scholarship: calls are open   presented by Carol Ritchie

Special Newsletter: European Day of Parks

Webinar Invitations 2018

February: Natural Heritage and cultural interpretation

March: Large Carnivores: Strategies for better coexistence

May: Periurban Parks: Building Green Infrastructure around Cities

May: Solutions from European Protected Areas

September: Parks & Protected Areas as “Natural Health Centres”

October: Accessibility and Inclusion in Protected Areas

November: Facing Climate Change in Natura 2000 Sites & Protected Areas

December: Management Challenges in Marine N2000 Sites


E-News 2017/12: Get ready for 2018: these 9 events  must be in your agenda!

Special E-News: World Food day!

E-News 2017/10: Coming Networking events | Special EUROPARC Conference

E-News 2017/07: The best events after summer | The Future of CAP

Special E-News: looking for project partners for Interreg project

E-News 2017/05: The European Day of Parks

Special E-News: The European Day of Parks: Start preparing your activities!

Special E-News: Siggen Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture: Last call for members!

E-News 2017/02: Training opportunities and much more! pdf available

Webinar Invitations

February The EU Habitats Directive: from theory to practice

March Natural Benefits: nature, health & protected areas

April Visitor management in transboundary parks

May Working together in sustainable destinations

July Tourism strategies in marine protected areas

October Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture: building partnerships with farmers

November Transboundary cooperation: increasing benefits for nature and local economies


E-News 2016/ 11: EUROPARC at the European Commission

E-News 2016/07: EUROPARC Summer news

E-News 2016/07: EUROPARC Conference: Last call for early bird discount!

E-News 2016/06: EUROPARC  Conference 2016

E-News 2016/05: How does Nature Taste? European Day of Parks

E-News 2016/03: Exciting Events and Opportunities

E-News 2016/02: A Taste of Nature


E-News 2015/12: EUROPARC at COP21

E-News 2015/10: Protected Areas in a Changing World

E – News 2015/06: The European Day of Parks 2015

E-News 2015 / 03: The International Year of Soils


E – News 2014 / 12: Volunteering in Protected Areas

E-News 2014 / 10: Parks, People, Planet

E-News 2014 / 08: Free, Simple and Safe – let nature heal you!

E-News 2014 / 06: Better Environment through better managed protected areas and connection with people

E-News 2014 / 04: Protected Areas – for Life’s and Earth’s sake!

E-News 2014 / 02: Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2014


E-News 2013 / 12: Mountain Protected Areas

E-News 2013 /11: Children and nature: a healthy relationship?

E-News 2013 /10: Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems

E-News 2013 / 09: Tourism and Protected Areas: Economic benefits and support vs. Conservation and Biodiversity loss

E- News 2013/ 08: Connect youth to nature, connect youth to their better tomorrow…

E- News 2013 / 07: Volunteering in Protected Areas