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E-News January 2022: A new EUROPARC Podcast, Siggen Seminar and more


Christmas Wishes December 2021: Best wishes from EUROPARC🎄⛄

E-News November 2021: COP26, the search for a Youth Representative and more!

E-News October 2021: EUROPARC E-News: a new EUROPARC Council, updates from Brussels & much more!

E-News September 2021: EUROPARC E-News: EUROPARC Conference, a new Podcast & much more 🌻

E-News June 2021: New Climate Change Discussion Paper, many EUROPARC events & updates from the Network

E-News May 2021: Online Conference 2021 & important updates from across the network!

E-News April 2021: STAR Awards are now opened + important updates from Brussels and beyond!

E-News March 2021: Developments on the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, the CAP & loads of interesting readings

E-News February 2021: European Day of Parks, a toolkit on Health and Protected Areas and much more!

E-News January 2021: Starting 2021 off right! Updates from EUROPARC and dates to save.


E-News December 2020: Looking forward: Call to action for the EUROPARC Conference 2021, the European Day of Parks and best wishes from EUROPARC

E-News November 2020: Keeping an eye on the CAP debate, our webinars and other publications

E-News September 2020: EUROPARC Conference, the LIFE e-natura 2000 app & much more!

E-News June 2020: Healthy Parks Healthy People Europe,a new EUROPARC strategy, and much more!

E-News May 2020: New EU Biodiversity & Farm to Fork Strategies and much more!

E-News April 2020: Resources to #StayHomeConnected and much more 👌 eNews April

E-News January-February 2020: A scholarship for young nature professionals & much more 👌 EUROPARC e-News


E-News December 2019: Best wishes from EUROPARC

E-News November 2019: The Fall of the Berlin Wall

E-News September 2019: The EUROPARC Conference 2019

E-News August 2019: Last Call for EUROPARC Conference…and much more!

E-News July 2019: Refreshing summer news for nature professionals

E-News June 2019: What EU Nature needs after elections

E-News April/May 2019: May: a month of decisions – and webinars

E-News March 2019: Young people in protected areas: the Alfred Toepfer Scholarship and upcoming events

E-News January/February 2019: Sustainable Tourism Conference in Greece!

Special eNews

The European Day of Parks

The Charter Network Meeting in Greece

Happy European Day of Parks!

10 Good principles for Outdoor Sports in Protected Areas

Ready to put nature on your mind?

Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: Get to know who was awarded in Brussels

EUROPARC Star Awards

Webinar invitations 2019

Life on the edge: greening the city boundary

Connecting People & Nature: can technology bring us closer?

Setting the scene: nature conservation in a changing climate

Healthy Parks, Healthy People Europe: parks as natural health centres

Sustainable Tourism: managing & monitoring visitors

Nature & agriculture: understanding policy & delivering good practice


E-News December 2018: The Best of 2018 and a message from our Secret Santa presented by Federico Minozzi

E-News November 2018: At the Highest Level!  presented by Giacomo Benelli

E-News October 2018: A Call for Change all about the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto and EUROPARC Conference 2018

E-News August 2018: EUROPARC Conference 2018: all you need to know presented by Alan Smith

E-News July 2018: A Youth Manifesto for Europe’s Protected Areas presented by Steffi Burger

E-News June 2018:  New capacity building project  | Last call for EUROPARC Conference early-birds presented by Neil McIntosh

E-News May 2018: “Green Cities do Better” presented by Teresa Pastor

E-News April 2018: EUROPARC Conference in Scotland | Health & Protected Areas Toolkit   presented by Stefania Petrosillo

E-News March 2018TransParcNet Meeting 2018 & much more   presented by Bárbara Pais

E-News 2018/02: Siggen Seminar and Natural Heritage Scholarship: calls are open   presented by Carol Ritchie

Special Newsletter: European Day of Parks

Webinar Invitations 2018

February: Natural Heritage and cultural interpretation

March: Large Carnivores: Strategies for better coexistence

May: Periurban Parks: Building Green Infrastructure around Cities

May: Solutions from European Protected Areas

September: Parks & Protected Areas as “Natural Health Centres”

October: Accessibility and Inclusion in Protected Areas

November: Facing Climate Change in Natura 2000 Sites & Protected Areas

December: Management Challenges in Marine N2000 Sites


E-News 2017/12: Get ready for 2018: these 9 events  must be in your agenda!

Special E-News: World Food day!

E-News 2017/10: Coming Networking events | Special EUROPARC Conference

E-News 2017/07: The best events after summer | The Future of CAP

Special E-News: looking for project partners for Interreg project

E-News 2017/05: The European Day of Parks

Special E-News: The European Day of Parks: Start preparing your activities!

Special E-News: Siggen Seminar on Sustainable Agriculture: Last call for members!

E-News 2017/02: Training opportunities and much more! pdf available

Webinar Invitations

February The EU Habitats Directive: from theory to practice

March Natural Benefits: nature, health & protected areas

April Visitor management in transboundary parks

May Working together in sustainable destinations

July Tourism strategies in marine protected areas

October Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture: building partnerships with farmers

November Transboundary cooperation: increasing benefits for nature and local economies


E-News 2016/ 11: EUROPARC at the European Commission

E-News 2016/07: EUROPARC Summer news

E-News 2016/07: EUROPARC Conference: Last call for early bird discount!

E-News 2016/06: EUROPARC  Conference 2016

E-News 2016/05: How does Nature Taste? European Day of Parks

E-News 2016/03: Exciting Events and Opportunities

E-News 2016/02: A Taste of Nature


E-News 2015/12: EUROPARC at COP21

E-News 2015/10: Protected Areas in a Changing World

E – News 2015/06: The European Day of Parks 2015

E-News 2015 / 03: The International Year of Soils


E – News 2014 / 12: Volunteering in Protected Areas

E-News 2014 / 10: Parks, People, Planet

E-News 2014 / 08: Free, Simple and Safe – let nature heal you!

E-News 2014 / 06: Better Environment through better managed protected areas and connection with people

E-News 2014 / 04: Protected Areas – for Life’s and Earth’s sake!

E-News 2014 / 02: Celebrate World Wetlands Day 2014


E-News 2013 / 12: Mountain Protected Areas

E-News 2013 /11: Children and nature: a healthy relationship?

E-News 2013 /10: Healthy People depend on Healthy Food Systems

E-News 2013 / 09: Tourism and Protected Areas: Economic benefits and support vs. Conservation and Biodiversity loss

E- News 2013/ 08: Connect youth to nature, connect youth to their better tomorrow…

E- News 2013 / 07: Volunteering in Protected Areas