N2000 Management

General Conservation Measures

In this section you can find relevant information and links to documents that offer legal appropriate assessment procedures on Conservation Measures for Natura 2000 sites in Europe:

Sector Specific Conservation Measures

Furthermore, you can browse among the following Sector Specific guidance documents provided by the European Commission:

Strict protection of species

Guidance on strict protection of animal species: brochure / full guidance document (multiple languages)


Guide on N2000 and Forests


Guidance on The requirements for hydropower in relation to EU Nature legislation


Guidance on how to support Natura 2000 farming systems to achieve conservation objectives, based on Member States good practice experiences


Guidance on Aquaculture and Natura 2000 – Sustainable aquaculture activities in the context of the Natura 2000 Network

Wind energy

Guidance document on wind and energy developments and Natura 2000

Non-energy mineral extraction

Guidance document on non-energy mineral extraction and Natura 2000

Climate Change

Guidelines on Climate Change and Natura 2000 – Dealing with the impact of climate change. On the management of the Natura 2000 Network of areas of high biodiversity value.

Peatlands and Mires

Guidance for managing Peatlands & Mires in Natura 2000 sites

Management of Natura 2000 sites – Collserola Nature Park

In this video interview, you can learn more about Collserola Nature Park, a Natura 2000 site and periurban Park located at the entrance of Barcelona city, and the challenges that integrating the Natura 2000 conservation measures has for the park staff.

For more information on Natura 2000 network and its management visit EUROPARC’s Toolbox!