Una casa per tutti

Date and Time
Duration:1 hours
Organiser:Parco del Mincio
Mantova, ex cave Trincerone


Una casa per tutti

Una casa per tutti - A home for everyone, is…

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Una casa per tutti – A home for everyone, is the title of the event organized by Parco del Mincio Authority on the occasion of the Safekeeping Day of Park, realized to celebrate the European Day of Parks 2018. The event, open to the public and free, will be Thursday, May 24th – European Day of Parks – at 3:00pm in the Trincerone ex quarries, re-naturalized thanks to planting interventions, made by the Authority of Piazza Porta Giulia.
Citizens – adults, families, children, students – can be present at and collaborate on guided laying interventions of nest boxes, batbox, bee hotel, pollinating stumps, sowing of autochthonous flowers.

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