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An example of woody biomass © Dea Mijakovac

Biomass in EU Nature Parks

Exploiting the potentialities of solid biomasses in EU Parks

Importance of the utilisation of biomasses for producing heat and energy is growing in all Europe, often sustained by central or local governments. An efficient and sustainable supply chain of biomass is an indispensable condition for such system.

BioEUParks is a new project applied under IEE Altener Programme, addressing the 2012 proposed priority ‘Solid biomass’, in which EUROPARC is partnering 9 other environmental associations and Nature Parks from 6 EU countries.

The Project is going to contribute to increase the local supply of biomass from sustainably managed forests and agricultural residues, aiming to develop an efficient and sustainable biomass supply chain in 5 European Nature Parks, and promoting short chains and small-scale installations. This can be realised due to an approach promoting sharing of objectives and co-planning with local key actors. For this reason, the project aims also to develop a methodology of encounter, discussion, sharing and co-planning for overcome the social conflicts that can born in occasion of significant structural interventions. Furthermore the project is going to mainstream the experience done and improve the skills of Nature Park managers, engineers and technicians on the matters dealt with the project.

EUROPARC, as the umbrella organisation for the European Protected Areas will mainly support the communication and mainstream of the project at an international level. EUROPARC will coordinate the dissemination of the “BioEUParks” project on local, national and European scale in order to make this initiative known and contribute to the debate on biomass production and its conversion in energy, included al issues linked with the environmental sustainability of such operations. Under a common shared basic informative material will be produced in all project languages and disseminated widely. A project’s website will make available on line at the beginning of project and will be implemented during project’s life and for 2 years more after project’s end. During the course of the project, EUROPARC will also coordinate the organization of six National Workshops, almost 80 ad hoc meetings and by the end of the project organize an International Mainstreaming conference presenting the project’s results along with the after project communication strategy.

The most widespread Italian environmental organization is the lead partner of the project. Over the last 30 years, Legambiente has been involved in nature conservation and sustainable development, supporting the use of renewable energy sources

For more information about the BioEUParks, please visit the official project website.


Project Coordinator Legambiente: Diego Mattioli