Steering and Evaluation Committee

Transparcnet 2018

The EUROPARC Transboundary Steering and Evaluation Committee (STEC) is mandated by the EUROPARC Council to coordinate the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme. After receiving reports from the verifiers, the STEC give recommendations to the EUROPARC Council, who then formally decide whether a protected area will be awarded the certification or re-evaluation.

Resulting from the EUROPARC Strategy the mandate, responsibilities, and activities of the STEC under the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme include:

  • Preserving the quality of the EUROPARC Transboundary Basic Standards and Certification Programme.
  • Pre-assessment of registering candidates.
  • Recommendation on the award of the Certificate to the Council.
  • Further development of the evaluation system.
  • Promotion of the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme inside the EUROPARC network.
  • Promotion of the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme outside the EUROPARC network.

Members of STEC

Arnold Boer (NL)

Former Coordinator of the National Parks system in the Netherlands (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Food Quality).

From 1987 Council Member and Treasurer Europarc Federation.

From 2002 involved in the preparation of the Europarc Transboundary Basic Standards and Certification Project and the establishment of TransParcNet.

From 2004 to 2010 Chair Transboundary STEC; from 2010 until now STEC member.

Handrij Härtel (CZ)

After an academic career at the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1989  – 1997) Handrij started to work for nature conservation at the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic (1997 – 2000), continued as a deputy director at the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (since 2000), responsible for research, nature conservation and international co-operation, including the transboundary co-operation with the Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany.

Regarding the EUROPARC Federation, he was the president of the Czech Section (2008 – 2010) and vice-president of the Central and Eastern Europe Section (2016-2018). He also works a member of the Steering and Evaluation Committee of the Europarc Transboundary Programme.

Tiia Kalske (NO)

Tiia is educated as a biologist (Master of Science in Morphology and Ecology) and she also has an environmental teachers degree. She has worked over 5 years as a mid-school biology teacher, and since 2007 at the State office at the County Governor of Finnmark (northernmost Norway). Today she works with the Pasvik-Inari trilateral park and other environmental cooperation together with Russia, Finland, and Sweden (environmental monitoring, water management, and international projects). She is originally Finnish and lived since the year 2000 in Norway.

Matti Hovi (FI)

After a short academic career as a scientist, Matti has worked since 1998 in protected area management for Metsähallitus. His tasks have covered nearly all aspects of national park management, but presently he is focusing on recreation and sustainable tourism, Eastern Finland as a “home range”. His title, park superintendent, refers to seven national parks (!). He has been involved in transboundary co-operation Oulanka-Paanajärvi until 2016