Frozen branches in the Bavarian Forest National Park (DE) © Federico Minozzi

Europarc GermanyYear of creation: 1991

Number of members: 76 members

The core areas of work: Ecosystem services, awareness raising, funding strategies for protected areas


Contact person: Stephanie Schubert stephanie.schubert at

President: Guido Puhlmann

About their work in Germany

A primary goal of EUROPARC Germany is to increase awareness and interest in Germany’s National Nature Landscapes (Nationale Naturlandschaften). The National Nature Landscapes is a brand that was created for  German national parks, UNESCO biosphere reserves and nature parks in 2005. It enables parks and reserves to speak and act powerfully with one voice. Awareness raising and communication activities for the brand are organised by the Section.

In Germany many companies recognise sustainability as an important part of their corporate strategy, either because of the intrinsic value of the services nature provides or because it makes them more attractive to customers thus raising their competitiveness. At the same time, nature and climate protection activities run by National Nature Landscapes often lack the funding and resources they need to be implemented effectively. To address this issue EUROPARC Germany created the platform Marketplace Nature. This initiative brings companies and nature projects together, establishing a common dialogue and creating benefits for both parties. Organisers and supporters of environmental and climate conservation projects use the platform to meet and share their needs and project ideas. Companies can either choose an existing project to support or find the right partner to address a priority issue in their corporate sustainability strategy.

EUROPARC Germany is currently also collaborating with the EUROPARC Low Countries Section. Together the Sections are exploring new ways of financing the management of protected areas in Europe using an ecosystems service approach. Specifically, trading systems in the voluntary carbon market are being analysed and discussed and the following questions asked: Which businesses (products, services) can be sold by protected areas? Which technical and institutional aspects will have to be settled if a protected area is willing to start a project with a buy-in (support) from companies?