LIFE Programme is 30!!!

LIFE is 30

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About LIFE

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. It began in 1992 and so far has co-financed more than 5 500 projects in the field of environmental protection.

LIFE sub-programmes

The new LIFE programme phase (2021-2027) has four sub-programmes:

The European Commission has increased LIFE funding by almost 60% for 2021 – 2027.
It now stands at €5.4 billion

The EUROPARC Federation & LIFE

There are various LIFE Programmes EUROPARC is currently involved in:

LIFE and EUROPARC: our projects

1. LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans (2021-2023)

The LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans project aims to pave the way for urban areas throughout Europe to include Green Infrastructure, Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and the promotion of healthy ecosystems in their urban planning. The project supports one of EUROPARC’s main messages: the value of green (peri-)urban spaces for our daily physical and mental well being.

LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans in a nutshell

2. LIFE Natur’Adapt (2018-2023)

Natur’Adapt aims at triggering a transition towards the adaptive management of Protected Areas while laying the foundations of a dynamic collective learning process.


Join us in France at the EUROPARC Conference organised in the framework of the LIFE Natur’Adapt Project, focusing on Climate Change Adaptation in and around Protected Areas.

More information will come soon – stay tuned!

3. LIFE ENABLE (2021-2024)

The LIFE ENABLE project will provide learning opportunities for Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers, to become more effective, competent and confident nature management professionals. It will create the European Nature Academy, a European training hub for nature managers that will continue beyond the lifetime of the project.

LIFE ENABLE Factsheet/Enable Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers

LIFE ENABLE Factsheet: click on the image to download the full document

Click on the image to download the LIFE ENABLE leaflet

Happy 30th birthday, LIFE!

Happy 30th birthday, LIFE!