Course III: Competent Inclusive Communication

Workshop at EUROPARC Conference 2019, Latvia

Competent Inclusive Communication

This new blended learning course is designed to help you understand how to communicate meaningfully and with impact about your Natura 2000 site(s). Working through a series of inter-related topics, step-by-step you will increase your practical skills and gain new knowledge important to improve your communication competencies.

  • Are you an active listener?
  • Are you aware of non-verbal communication?
  • Are you able to speak authoritatively and assertively, whilst being empathetic to stakeholders?
  • Are you comfortable speaking in public?
  • Are you confident as a negotiator for your Natura 2000 site’s objectives?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, or even are not sure what your answer is, then this (e-)learning course “Competent Inclusive Communication”  will be useful for you!


The aim of this course is to provide you with the means to grow the core competencies (skills, knowledge & attitude) that you need to have and be able to do for your Natura 2000 sites. The module’s learning outcomes and practical assignments are designed to give you tangible products that you can use to communicate about Natura 2000 generally and for your site(s) in particular. By following the module, you be able to build specific professional and personal capacities required to think strategically and practically about the communication process you need for Natura 2000. You will learn how to develop your communication approach, shaped by who is involved, what you can and should do and what tools to use. Your time investments will help you in your daily work – you will be able to:

  • Crystalise the purpose of your Natura 2000 communication needs.
  • Identify your audience and how to communicate meaningfully with them.
  • Define what is special about your Natura 2000 site and why its protection and conservation are important.
  • Discover new tools and approaches that engage your audience to be better able to understand your key messages.
  • Apply them confidently to build productive relationships.

Working interactively, together with your peers, you will learn how to identify key actors important to your protected area, adapt and apply participatory techniques according to your needs and build consensus for shared Natura 2000 goals.

Meet the participants of the Competent Inclusive Communication Course!