Course I: Applied conservation biology

As part of the LIFE project (LIFEedu for short), a new practical course based on a blended learning approach will be available for practitioners in Romania. The course is designed for a core group of 25 selected participants who have a background in biology, ecology or similar. The course runs from the 1st of April and is delivered by LIFEedu project partner, Propark Foundation for Protected Areas.


A practical course on applied conservation biology

Biologists have a key role in nature conservation, both on Natura 2000 sites and outside protected areas. The success of conservation depends largely on their competencies, which range from field data collection, to the design of conservation measures, to the development, coordination and implementation of programmes and projects, as well as management plans.

Although current education programmes often provide a sound basis for practitioners, often their focus is less on the development of practical skills, perspectives or attitudes which are required in a real-life context. Moreover, the complexity of conservation contexts require an integrative and multidisciplinary approach. Hence, the need for opportunities for practitioners to complement and update their range of competencies.

The course is designed for people with a background in biology and ecology carrying out practical conservation activities at site level. It focuses on developing and refining the practical skills required by biologists engaged in the management of Natura 2000 sites, throughout the management cycle, on ”how to”. The design of this course is based on IUCN’s Global Register of Competencies for Protected Area Management and adapted to the European and Romanian context.

Through a “blended learning” approach, the course provides a platform for the update and completion of the basic theoretical background knowledge and a framework for a 4 days direct, face-to-face interaction, where real-life situations are analyzed and simulated both in the field and in the lecture room.

The online module will take place from April 1 to May 29, 2020 and the face-to-face session is planned for the beginning of June 2020.

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