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Project Partners

Parco Nord Milano

The project has 7 different partners throughout Europe, here you can find more information on each of them

Brussels Environment – Project leader

Brussels Environment in a nutshell

Brussels Environment was founded in 1989 and is the public service for the environment and energy of the Brussels-Capital Region. Here they are responsible for amongst other things monitoring the air quality, biodiversity, sustainable development and animal welfare. They are the project leader of LIFE UrbanGreeningPlans, additionally, they are also the sole responsible actors for actions A6 and A7.

Contact person in Brussels Environment is Etienne Aulotte – Head of department nature & agriculture development.

EUROPARC Federation

EUROPARC Federation in a nutshell

EUROPARC is the biggest network of Protected Areas in Europe. We work to represent our members in Brussels and create networking and learning opportunities. Within the project, we are responsible for leading the communication on the project (B1), organising workshops and creating the Knowledge Hub (B3).

Main contact person from EUROPARC will be project manager Teresa Pastor, with support from communications officer Esther Bossink.

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Camara Municipal de Lisboa in a nutshell

The local Action Plan for Biodiversity in Lisbon (PALBL) Team of Camara Municipal de Lisboa will lead the project in Lisbon. The Municipality of Lisbon, within the framework of its strategic guidelines for biodiversity in urban areas, decided to establish as a goal to improve its environmental performance and to increase biodiversity by 20% by 2020. The PALBL team is part of this initiative. Within the project they will be in charge of action A3.

Contact person is Fernando Louro Alves.

Parco Nord Milano

Parco Nord Milano in a nutshell

Parco Nord Milano is a Periurban Park in Milan. The total size is 790 hectares and the site includes urban forests, wet lands, lakes systems and meadows. The public body that manages the park was created to redevelop the suburbs north of Milan. Since 1975 it was recognized as a Regional Park by the Lombardy Region. Within the project they will be responsible for Actions A2 and A9.

Contact persons are Riccardo Gini, Director of Parco Nord Milano – Fabio Campana, forest manager and Silvia Argentiero, communication manager.

Barcelona Metropolitan Area

Barcelona Metropolitan Area in a nutshell

The Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, which occupies 636 km² and encompasses 36 municipalities with more than 3.2 million inhabitants. The area of focus will be the Llobregat Riverside, which is a Mediterranean freshwater ecosystem. Within the project they will be responsible for Actions A4 and A9.

Contact persons are: Raimon Roda (green infrastructure service SIV), Laura Cid, Patricia García, Kyriaki Ilousi, Eugènia Vidal (management technical office OTG), Jac Cirera, Marc Carbonell (master plan drafting team PDU), Elena Argelich (international office).

Management Authority of Schinias Marathon National Park, Mount. Hymettus and Southeast Attica

Management Authority of Schinias Marathon National Park, Mount. Hymettus and Southeast Attica in a nutshell

The management body of the National Park was established in 2003. The side, which is close to Athens, includes wetlands, coastal areas and pine forests. The main focus within the project will be on the green corridor that spreads into Athens. It is responsible for action A5 of the project.

Contact persons are: Eleni Katsirodi, Maria Trivourea, Stella Rapti, Konstantinos Koumpis.

Philodassiki Enossi Athinon

Philodassiki Enossi Athinon is an NGO in Athens that is responsible for the creation of the Mt. Hymettus Aesthetic Forest. When it was established in 1899, it undertook the initiative of

Philodassiki Enossi Athinon in a nutshell

the reforestation of the hills in and around Athens. Through the initiative of Philodassiki, the completely degraded hills in the center of Athens (Lycabettus, Philopappou, Ardittos, the Nymphs and Pnyka) were reforested at the same time with the barren of vegetation slopes of the Acropolis. Withing the project it is responsible for actions A5 and A10.

Contact persons are: Nikos Pangas and Marianna Basoulou.