Siggen Seminars

Siggen Seminar Estate © EUROPARC Federation

Bringing together Protected Area professionals to learn together, share experience and knowledge in differing aspects of Protected Area management and innovate new ideas is at the heart of the EUROPARC Federation’s work.

With the enlightened generosity of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. we have access, annually to their private seminar centre at Gut Siggen in North Germany, hugging the Baltic Sea coast.

Alfred Toepfer Stiftung’s founder was also one of the Federation’s founders and played an important role in its growth and development. They provide this facility to EUROPARC exclusively in order that those working in Protected Areas have an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge and to enable EUROPARC to use the time wisely to take forward its own development.

The opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experience, and establish professional contacts are most beneficial for working in the international context of conservation. The knowledge that participants gain in Siggen feeds back into their work in the different regions of Europe and fosters their sense of connectedness and togetherness in the EUROPARC Federation.


14 – 17 April
N2000 from Designation to Implementation

This year the seminar runned from 14th-17th April, and focused on Protected Areas and their role in the management of N2000 sites.  In particular participants have been looking, from a management perspective, at the implementation problems and successes of the Habitats and Birds Directives in order to contribute to the current European Commission Fitness Check on EU Nature Legislation.

The Siggen Seminar report will be available soon on this page.

In the meantime, you can find below the programme that has been held this year and download here the presentations held during the Seminar.

The outcomes of previous Siggen seminars are made available to all members. For details of previous seminars please follow the links below:

2014: Successful Projects for Effective Management

2013: Purpose and process of Management Planning for Protected Areas

2012: Conflict management in Protected Areas

This activity is supported by:

  • The support of Alfred Toepfer Foundation is highly appreciated by EUROPARC Federation and the continuation of the annual seminars will ensure that all members can actively contribute to the ongoing strategic development of the Federation.