We all need information. It is the currency by which we operate.

In our EUROPARC library we hold a huge bank of information. Feel free to make use of most areas, only some are reserved for the privilege of paying members. If you need your member log in details, please get in contact with us at

Or indeed if you want to join us to gain these and other member privileges find out more here.

Our library brings together the resources that are created by EUROPARC or generated by our members, and those from the wider environmental sector that might be of interest to Protected Area staff. We will also try to cover publications in languages other than English. There are certainly many materials out there and we hope to give you just a small glimpse of this here on these pages.

The living library containing the vast experience of our members across Europe will also be shared through the website, facebook and twitter, so please keep tuned and look out for regular updates! To help us ensure that the library is constantly supplied with new publications we ask our members and partner organisations to make available their publications through our website. Just contact if you want to add any of your books electronically or just to have them promoted.

If you still wish to see a real hard copy book then the REAL EUROPARC Library is housed by the Management of Protected Areas Programme University of Klagenfurt in the office of ECO Institute of Ecology. Members are welcome to utilise this valuable resource. Please contact the ECO Institute of Ecology.

We hope you enjoy perusing our library!

This page is constantly being updated. If you cannot find the document you are looking for, please, check back soon or contact us!