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Paanajarvi National Park, Russia

“Protected Areas and the European Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation and Biodiversity”

This paper is a contribution by the EUROPARC Task force on Climate Change to accelerate the transition towards a nature-inclusive and climate-resilient society. Through a couple of suggestions, it aims at kick starting a dialogue to bridge the gap between climate change adaptation and nature conservation communities.

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EUROPARC Federation advocates for the recognition of the role of Protected Areas since many years.To strengthen our position, EUROPARC Federation have created various policy papers. You will find all of the EUROPARC position papers here:

Nature Regional Landscape Parks – Where Policy meets Practice [October 2020]

A position paper on the importance of Europe’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks for a multitude of policies.

The Role of Protected Areas in the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy [February 2020]

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A contribution to the Public Consultation of the future EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy 

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Our Natural Heritage: the Key to Europe’s Future [April 2019]

Protected Areas to boost Sustainable Economy, support Biodiversity and address Climate Change

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“To  realise  a  Sustainable  Future  for  our  Economy  and  our  Environment,  the  EUROPARC  Federation,  on  behalf  of  its  members,  calls  to  action  European Political Groups, National Parties and individual candidates to the European Parliament”

Declaration 30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall Transboundary-Park [November, 2019]

“Borders are not natural, they were created by people. Therefore, people should alsobe able to break them down for our cultural and natural heritage.” Brunner, 2006

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Periurban Parks, their place in EU policies [September 2019]

“ Periurban Parks deliver numerous benefits like clean air and temperatures control, fresh water, food and timber production and  habitats for biodiversity. Furthermore,  they  provide  citizens  with  cultural green spaces  for  recreation,  education  and  outdoor  sport in a healthy natural environment, services that are very much needed in dense compact cities. Periurban Parks are the heart, soul and lungs of a city!”

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Healthy Park, Healthy People Europe : The Jurmala Communiqué [Septembre 2019]

” Our parks and Protected Areas are a health promoting asset. They have a crucial role in nurturing healthy ecosystems which sustain our societies.”

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European Protected Areas & Sustainable Agriculture [February 2018]

Working in Partnership for Biodiversity and Rural Development

“EUROPARC seeks agricultural policies, which can be defined as: Good for People, Good for Nature. Bcause they ensure a good, secure supply of food, because they respect and protect the environment and natural resources,because they provide a fair income to the farmer.”

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EUROPARC Youth Manifesto : a call for change in rural communities and Protected Areas [September 2018]

Connect with your local youth, visit schools and youth clubs. Encourage them to share their thoughts to inspire their peers to create a common initiative.

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