Transboundary Areas Award

Certificate for Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland Transboundary Park. Picture by Lee Kershaw.

Collaborating to protect nature and implement dialogue despite legal, administrative and political borders, requires motivation, passion, skills, and competences.

EUROPARC supports and awards Protected Areas that are working together and ‘following nature’s design’ across EU and not EU man-made boundaries through the Transboundary Parks Programme. These Transboundary Areas are working for the effective conservation of their shared nature and landscapes, to help achieve sustainable regional development, and promote international peace and understanding.

EUROPARC’s Transboundary Parks Programme initiative is a special verification and certification system that aims to promote and facilitate transboundary cooperation between European Protected Areas.

The candidature is open to EUROPARC members involved in cross-border cooperation.

The Transboundary Areas that have been positively evaluated, for the first time and renewed each 5 years, are awarded during the Award Ceremony during the annual EUROPARC Conference.

All together, these Areas form the network TransParcNet. Please discover all our Awarded TB Areas here.