Training & Events

Soca trail in Triglav National Park (SI) © Triglav National Park Authority

We live in an ever-changing world, with increasing expectations, demands and challenges to be faced by Protected Areas. If Protected Areas are to remain relevant to modern society, they need to be able to adapt and respond to these changes.

Ensuring the dedication, passion and commitment often shown by people working in Protected Areas, is translated into qualified competent and effective staff, is central to a successful Protected Area.

Training however does not need to be seen as a highly expensive, time consuming activity, but an investment in the long term effectiveness of the administration, which could very well be cost saving!

Opening the Protected Area to training opportunities will bring in new ideas, from everything to financing, tools and techniques, exposure to new ideas to replicate or amend and indeed to inspire and recharge staff who may feel isolated and overwhelmed with the day to day activities.

EUROPARC is well aware of the time and money pressure on Protected Area, yet too on the benefits of international cooperation and exchange.

We have therefore ensured that the opportunities we offer are relevant to the needs of our members, are free, or as inexpensive as possible, and in as short a time-scale as to be effective.

We are expanding our training offers to also include more online material, and activities such as webinars. Our sections too, offer training at regional and local levels.

We welcome ideas and comments on members’ training needs and we investigate how that can be delivered.