Háldi Transboundary Area

Reisadalen Valley and the Reisa river - Asgeir K. Blixgård by Reisa nasjonalpark

A wild arctic area between Finland and Norway

Haldi TBA map

The Háldi Transboundary Area consist of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in Finland and Reisa National Park and Ráisduottarháldi Protected Landscape in Norway. The cooperative area was formed in 2020 by an agreement between Metsähallitus and the Board of Reisa National Park and Ráisduottarháldi Landscape Protected Area. There are also other functional connections involved, in the surrounding area towards Kilpisjärvi, Kåfjord, Reisa Valley and Kautokeino.

The subarctic mountain and plateau area around the Háldi falls is divided between Finland and Norway. The large wilderness area has high natural and cultural values, which make it one of the richest arctic areas in continental Europe, with natural watercourses, alpine tundra, mountain birch forests, calcareous bedrock, with native flora and fauna. The whole area belongs to the Sami homeland with extensive reindeer husbandry on both sides of the border. It is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation, especially on the Finnish side, with a long tradition of hiking to the highest point of the country, the Halti Mountain (1,324 meters above sea level). Finland and Norway share the same rights of free access, and it is possible to cross the border anywhere, with some restrictions.

Several Protected Areas have been established on both sides of the border. Their regulations are quite similar, but administration and management regimes are different. Because of common challenges in management, the need for closer cooperation is recognized on both sides. EUROPARC Transboundary Area (TBA) has been chosen as a tool to organize permanent cooperation, following the great experiences from existing TBAs. Extra funding from the EU Interreg Nord programme has given resources to prepare a plan and start implementation of necessary actions.

Haldi mountain – rune benonisen

The vision of the Háldi TBA

Háldi Transboundary Area is a contiguous wilderness area, managed through the cooperation of partners and the support of stakeholders, to preserve the high natural, cultural and recreational values of the most arctic area of continental Europe and in the heart of the Sami Homeland.

The mission of the Háldi TBA

Partners of the Háldi Transboundary Area are committed to joint efforts in the management of natural and cultural values of the area and to share their knowledge and good practices for added value through cooperation in the area and further in their organizations.

Official partners of Háldi TBA

In Finland:

  • Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife is the legal Partner to the Agreement;
  • Fell Lapland Park Unit is the operational unit responsible for the management of the area;
  • Kilpisjärvi Nature Center is a visitor service point providing information about Háldi TBA.

In Norway:

  • Board of Reisa National Park and Ráisduottarháldi Landscape Protection Area is the legal Partner to the Agreement;
  • Management of the areas is led by NP Superintendent;
  • Halti National Park Center is an associated partner to the agreement. It is an official visitor centre of Reisa National Park.

Partners will set up a Joint Management Board according to the Agreement.

Other partners in Project Halti will continue cooperation as stakeholders in joint actions and future projects. They will also be members of the Joint Advisory Board.


Official information of Halti project: https://www.metsa.fi/halti 
Website of Käsivarsi Wilderness Area: https://www.nationalparks.fi/en/kasivarsi
Website of Reisa National Park https://reisanasjonalpark.no/en/
Project information in Reisa National Park website: https://reisanasjonalpark.no/en/halti‐interreg/