Logos and branding

Junior Ranger Camp © EUROPARC


For most people now the blue map of Europe is synonymous with the EUROPARC Federation; for its members, partners and many organisations across Europe. That has taken a long time to develop, indeed over 40 years, and as an organisation, we have very much invested in that brand identity and all it means.

Therefore it is important we ensure that the Federation’s logos are respected and used correctly. They are registered as figurative trademarks with the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union. The EUROPARC Federation have developed a set of guidelines for this, to those whom we permit to use these logos and these guidelines are now available on our website. Please download them below.

We ask all people who want to use any of the logos to contact us for guidelines and ask our permission before using them in publications.

Please contact us for the logo specifications and formats: esther.bossink @ europarc.org

The following should be considered, when communicating for or about EUROPARC and using any of our logos:

  • The EUROPARC Federation logo should always be easily visible on any EUROPARC publication, article or other piece of communications from within the Federation. The same applies to any activity specific logos, when that activity is mentioned.
  • EUROPARC is a registered brand. It is a shortened version of “The Federation of European Nature and National Parks” and as such should always be spelt with capital letters.
  • Presentations held on behalf of the Federation should use the standardized PowerPoint Master, which is available from the EUROPARC Directorate.
  • EUROPARC publications can differ in appearance but must have some similarities so that it is obvious that they come from the same organisation. Please contact the Federation Directorate for more information.
  • In 2013 EUROPARC introduced a special anniversary logo that has been used in all communications. In 2013, the Federation was commemorating and celebrating its 40th anniversary with the EUROPARC branding “40 years Working for Nature”. This visual identity was in use only in 2013.
  • In 2023 EUROPARC introduced a special anniversary logo to commemorate it’s 50-year Anniversary.