Transboundary Cooperation Task Force

Members of the Transboundary Task Force, meeting in Regensburg, January 2018

The Transboundary Cooperation Task force is made of professionals of the TransParcNet, the network of EUROPARC Transboundary Parks. They support  the Federation in providing strategic guidance on the development of the Transboundary Parks Programme, create new opportunities to promote the programme and reach out to the wider family of Transboundary Parks in Europe who are not yet working collaboratively.

The Transboundary work is overseen by Stefania Petrosillo, from EUROPARC Federation Directorate. You can contact Stefania at stefania.petrosillo @

Members of the Transboundary Task Force

Mojca Smolej, Triglav National Park (SL) / Task Force Co-Chair

Leo Reyrink (NL) / Task Force Co-Chair

Stefano Santi, EUROPARC Council Member (IT)

Rolands Auziņś, Nature Conservation AgencyCO-CHAIR (LV)

Riina Tervo, Vätsäri Wilderness Area (FI)

Jakub Kaspar, Krkonoše National Park (CZ)

Tiia Henrika, Kalske Øvre-Pasvik National Park (NO)

David Freudl – Thayatal (AT)

Daniele Piazza – Veglia Devero Park – Ossola (IT)

Ulf Zimmermann – Saxon Bohemia Switzerland (DE)

Janez Rakar, Triglav National Park (SL)

Andres Claassen, Maas-Schwalm-Nette Nature Park (DE/NL)

Stefania Petrosillo, EUROPARC Directorate Contact person