Nature Regional Landscape Parks Task Force

The NRLP Task Force at the EUROPARC Conference in France.

About the Task Force

Currently, there are almost 900 Nature Regional Landscape Parks (NRLP) in 22 European countries, which is about 8 % of the European Union (+NO and CH). Although they differ across countries, they share common principles in terms of purpose, mission and governance. They are important players when it comes to sustainable rural development, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection and nature education (amongst others). Overall, they have been designated, with the aim to integrate the protection of biodiversity with sustainable land use and socio-economic development in their territories.

The NRL Parks Task Force is formed to support the work of the Nature Regional Landscape Parks of Europe and to strengthen the strategies and initiatives of the EUROPARC Federation Steering Committee and Directorate.  

Declaration on Climate Change

At the EUROPARC Conference 2023, the NRL Task Force presented their ‘Climate Declaration’. It states that, the vibrant network of Nature Regional Landscape Parks (NRL) is already implementing integrated, forward-looking measures for a sustainable Europe for nature and people.

The resources locked into Europe’s NRL Parks are a crucial component in ensuring a viable climate adaptation and mitigation response at all government levels.

However, on their journey to adaptation and mitigation, the NRL Parks are confronted with various challenges. For this reason, EUROPARC’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks Task Force developed Europe’s Nature Regional Landscape Parks Declaration on Climate Change. The Declaration was officially signed by the members of the EUROPARC Taskforce for Nature Regional Landscape at the annual EUROPARC Conference 2023 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Other Parks and Protected Areas in Europe are invited to sign the Declaration as well.

Read the Declaration now!


The members of the taskforce are representatives of national or regional associations of Nature Regional Landscape parks. All national or regional associations of Nature Regional Landscape parks are invited to join. Current members include:

  • Kristian Bjørnstad, Chair, Norwegian Parks Association
  • Ulrich Köster, Association of German Nature Parks
  • Tina Müller, Swiss Parks Association
  • Eric Brua and Clara Fontana, Federation of Regional Nature Parks of France
  • Francine Keiser and Simone Zanter, Nature Park Our, Luxembourg
  • Nina Zitz, Association of Austrian Nature Parks
  • Nicolas Nederland and Baptiste Hottekiet, The Federation of Nature Parks of Wallonia
  • Ruth Colbridge and Elliott Lorimer, The National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Marit Schnepf, EUROPARC Federation (directorate liaison)

You can find more information about Nature Regional Landscape Parks here.