EU Biodiversity Strategy

Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park (FI-RU-NO) (Mergellus albellus)– © Espen Aarnes

The EU Biodiversity Strategy is a roadmap for biodiversity conservation and restoration in the European Union. The European Protected Areas are recognized as key actors for the implementation of Strategy.

The EU has been committed to the protection of nature since the adoption of the Birds Directive in April 1979, providing comprehensive protection to all wild bird species naturally occurring in the Union. The Habitats Directive  was adopted in 1992 to help maintain biodiversity. It protects over 1000 animals and plant species and over 200 types of habitat. It also established the EU-wide Natura 2000 network.

Over there years, new legislations have been developed. In 1999, the EU reinforced the role of zoos in the conservation of biodiversity and, in the wake of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020, committed to protect native biodiversity and ecosystem services against invasive alien species. EU also has legislation regulating certain aspects of wildlife trade.

©European Commission

In 2011 the EU Biodiversity Strategy was adopted by the European Commission to combat the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services in the EU by 2020.

In May 2020 The European Commission has adopted the new EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and an associated Action Plan (annex)

” It aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030 with benefits for people, the climate and the planet. It is also the proposal for the EU contribution to the upcoming international negotiations on the global post-2020 biodiversity framework. Moreover, the Biodiversity Strategy aims to build our societies’ resilience in the post-COVID-19 crisis context.” EU biodiversity Strategy webpage

The European Protected Areas are privileged actors to contribute to the implementation of the Strategy. EUROPARC Federation and its members are willing to support the ambition of the European Commission regarding nature conservation.

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