Map of EUROPARC Federation Offices location

The Directorate of the EUROPARC Federation is committed to fulfilling the aims of the organisation and to deliver its strategic goals.

The work of the Federation is overseen by the EUROPARC Council and President. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to bear on the work of the Federation and also represent EUROPARC across Europe.

Where the Council is the driver, the Directorate of the EUROPARC Federation is the engine of the organisation. Our team members is split between the headquarters in Regensburg (DE), an office in Brussels (BE) and another office in Barcelona (ES). They manage a number of important European projects and represent the Federation and its members’ interests.

The work of the Federation is also supported by efforts from working groups and many other dedicated individuals and members who share our passion and support our work.

EUROPARC Federation staff

The multi-national team based at the EUROPARC Headquarters and our office in Brussels, comprises a small core staff. Together they coordinate the varied activities of the EUROPARC Federation across Europe.

General enquiries can be directed to the email or the headquarters postal address at the bottom of the page or to office(at)

Individual members can be contacted by using the email formula:

[email protected]

Carol Ritchie

 Executive Director

Carol Ritchie (Scotland, UK) [email protected]
As her title suggests Carol is responsible for the smooth running of all the Federation Directorate and its work. Carol operates across Europe, out of both the Regensburg and Brussels offices as well as anywhere else needed, to represent the Federation’s interest and to support the work of the President and Council. She mainly works in English.

Federico Minozzi

Managing Director

Federico Minozzi (IT) [email protected]
Federico shares responsibility with the Executive Director for most aspects of management of the Federation. He concentrates in particular on the EUROPARC policy and advocacy work in close cooperation with European institutions and other NGOs and partners institutions. Federico is also coordinating the Junior Ranger Programme. Federico speaks Italian, French and English.

Communications and Marketing Manager

Barbara Pais (PT) [email protected]
Barbara is our all-in-one communications person, responsible for animating EUROPARC network, organising events and webinars, leading communication workshops, managing our social media networks, and developing/designing our digital and printed publications. Currently, she is also following the Communications and Marketing activities of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and is the voice of the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and understands French and German.

Communications and IT Officer

Fernando Pinillos (ES) [email protected]

Fernando is our Communications and IT expert! He is based in Barcelona office and his work is focused on facilitating communications for some European projects  such as IMPACT Interreg Europe, CEETO Interreg Central Europe and NaturAdapt. He also provides IT assistance to the team and develops the best strategies and tools with useful information for our members, like EUROPARC LIVE videos and other visual media. He counts with wide experience in marine conservation worldwide and speaks Spanish, English and Catalan.

teresa pastor, europarc, fedenatur

Project and Policy Development Manager

Teresa Pastor (ES) [email protected]

Teresa is the former Coordinator of Fedenatur and, after its integration with EUROPARC, is currently in charge of the Periurban dossier among other matters. Teresa is based in Barcelona office and brings a huge knowledge on nature conservation and marine issues to the EUROPARC directorate. She is also the project manager of IMPACT Interreg Europe project. Teresa speaks Catalan, Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Stefania Petrosillo

Policy Officer

Stefania Petrosillo (IT) [email protected]

Stefania is our Policy Officer in Brussels, working with Federico to represent EUROPARC member’s interests towards the European Institutions. Stefania is expert in advocacy and policy, and works in close cooperation with international NGOs and other EUROPARC partners. You can contact Stefania in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Currently, she is also “refreshing”  German.

Project Manager LIFE

Neil McIntosh (UK) [email protected]

Neil is Project Manager for the ‘LIFE’ project, supporting e-learning, open education and capacity building for Natura 2000 managers. As a qualified trainer and assessor of learning and development programmes, the focus of his work in EUROPARC is to support networking, learning and the professional development of people and organisations. Neil’s native language is English, but he also speaks Dutch.

Olivier de Sadeleer picture

Project Manager, ‘LIFE Nature Adapt’

Olivier de Sadeleer (BE), [email protected]

Olivier will represent the “voice” of European Protected Areas in the LIFE project ‘NaturAdapt’. It aims at adapting nature protection practices to the challenges of climate change in Europe through dynamic and collective learning.

Holding an MA in cultural anthropology, Olivier brings his passion for wilderness and longstanding experience in business development & communication (incl. digital) to help increase the impact of EUROPARC’s projects. Based in Brussels, he speaks both French and English.

Giacomo Benelli

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas & CEETO Project Manager

Giacomo Benelli (IT) [email protected]

Giacomo manages the award programme of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas and manager of the CEETO Project. He speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Brigida Napolitano

 Member Services Officer and Office Administrator (Currently on maternity leave)

Brigida Napolitano (IT) [email protected]
Brigida is mainly responsible for membership administration and is the main contact person for solving any enquiries coming from the members. Brigida is currently also responsible mainly for the administrative tasks at EUROPARC headquarters. She speaks Italian, English, German and French.

Michaela Zeller

Financial Manager

Michaela Zeller (CZ) [email protected]

Michaela is our Finance Manager. She is responsible for leading the finance and accounting of the Federation, based on EUROPARC’s mission and values. She takes over independently the financial management of national and international funding projects. You can contact her in English, German, Czech, Slovak or even Bavarian.

Katrin Varnhagen-08

Financial Accountant

Katrin Varnhagen (DE) [email protected]

Katrin is our financial accountant and is responsible for the bookkeeping of the Federation. Moreover, she is involved in financial reporting of EU- and non EU-funded projects. You can contact her in German and English.

Monika Trojer

Office Administration (DE) [email protected]

Monika is one of the German native staff inside EUROPARC Federation headquarters. She is mainly responsible for administrative tasks, travel management and gives support in many of the other tasks that we deal with every day. She speaks German, English and a little bit of French.

Cristina Popa

Office Administration (RO) [email protected]

Cristina is a nature lover, passionate and committed to environmental sustainability. She is mainly responsible for administrative tasks, membership administration and is one of the contact person for solving any enquiries coming from the members. Cristina speaks Romanian, English, German, Spanish and a little bit of Italian.

Christine Demian

Bookkeeping Assistant (DE) [email protected]

Christine Demian is our favourite Bavarian speaker. After working for the Federation in 2016, she has now returned to our team to support our Finance department with the bookkeeping. Besides Bavarian and German, you can also reach her in English.

Alberto Fontecha

Communications Assistant (ES) [email protected]

Alberto is a biologist and has been working in projects related to environmental education and scientific divulgation. Currently he is studying a Masters in Natural Protected Areas organized by the Foundation Fernando González Bernáldez with the collaboration of EUROPARC-Spain and has joined the Communications department for an internship.

He is interested in the work of Protected Areas, the world of communications and on how to reach and involve the society in conservation. He believes in EUROPARC as an organisation that improves the management of Protected Areas and allows them to reach a bigger level working with a common objective. He loves to arouse the passion he feels for botany and to encourage the people to have stronger bonds with nature. He speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, and he is working hard in his German.

Michaela Kozminova

Communications Assistant (CZ) [email protected]

Michaela is a fresh graduate in Journalism from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and currently finishing her Master degree in Environmental Policy at Sciences Po Paris. She has joined our communications team in Regensburg for the autumn semester 2019, since this internship allows her to merge and garner experience in the two fields of her interest – environmental sustainability and reaching people by different communication methods. Michaela speaks Czech, English, French, Italian, and hopes to refresh her German while in Regensburg.

Alberto Robles García

Policy Assistant (ES) [email protected]

Alberto is a currently student of a double degree in Law and Management and Business Administration, with a great interest and knowledge in the field of Environmental Management. He has joined the team in Brussels for six months in order to work as Policy Assistant, a role that would drive him to specialize in the field of environmental conservation and sustainability, which appart from being his passion after some years working at natural contexts, it is also his professional vocation. Alberto speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian.