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LIFE – Building capacity through innovative training tools

LIFE Supporting e-learning and capacity building for Natura 2000 Managers

  • Duration: 2018-2021

This innovative three-year project explores the potential of building new approaches and learning methods to improve knowledge and capacity amongst Natura 2000 Managers in both public and private land, across the EU. Taking a competence-based approach, it will enable peers to connect and learn about what managers need to know and be able to do.

The project will analyse training needs and make available new ways of accessing information about the multiple skills required for Natura 2000 management and policy implementation.

Applications are now open!

On 24 September at the 2019 EUROPARC Conference in Latvia, the call for applications for the “LIFE e-Natura” project, “LIFEedu” for short, was launched. Applications are invited from individuals with responsibilities for Natura 2000 management. A total of 60 applicants will be selected to form the project’s core cohort of participants. In addition, the project will create wider opportunities for more than 500 participants who can join in the project’s online learning events.

In 2020, LIFEedu will run three courses developed to advance the specific skills, knowledge and attitudes required by Natura 2000 managers and protected area professionals.

Applicants will be selected by the end of 2019. In 2020, LIFEedu will run three courses developed to advance the specific skills, knowledge and attitudes required by Natura 2000 managers and protected area professionals.

Project participants will work together in a mix of face-to-face workshops and a summer school, and use a range of online and digital tools, such as webinars, demonstration videos and a new smartphone app to support networking.

Organised in three groups of 20 people, applicants can apply for the courses to be delivered in three languages led by EUROPARC’s project partners. The course in Romanian covers biodiversity conservation, policy and planning and project management skills, and is led by the ProPark Foundation. The course in Spanish is led by FUNGOBE/ EUROPARC Spain and addresses how to work and collaborate effectively with local communities and respect cultural traditions. The EUROPARC Federation course will be delivered in English for 20 people from across the Europe: it focuses on competent inclusive communication for Natura 2000. Applications are open until the 30th October.

Registration for the Courses in English, Romanian or Spanish:

All you need to know about the Project!

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New learning tools and methods to build capacity & develop competences

How the project will work

The project will examine the competencies needed by a range of actors to manage Natura 2000 more effectively. To do this, the project will test a mix of innovative tools, e-learning methods and approaches to delivering capacity building.

A cohort of 60 participants will form the project’s ‘core group’ of participants: this will be complemented and extended by a further target group of 500 ‘casual’ users of the project’s competence development materials. The participants will be drawn from the full spectrum of managers working with and involved in implementation of Natura 2000. In this way, the project will proactively engage a representative range of Natura 2000 managers across the EU – site-based staff, private landowners, protected area staff, rangers etc.

Capacity Building in Europe – Ranger training in Romania © ProPark Foundation for Protected Areas

With the focus on developing a flexible mix of blended learning tools and methods which are designed to build capacity and develop competencies required, the project aims to reach the widest possible audience – site based Natura 2000 practitioners, whether managers, specialist staff such as communication and interpretation officers or ecologists, as well as people directly involved with management planning and Natura 2000 policy implementation. We will be actively looking to engage a broad spectrum of individual Natura 2000 site managers, Rangers and private landowners interested and motivated to learn more about Natura 2000, what it is, why it matters and how to improve management practices.

Three learning modules will be developed to cover three selected priority competence areas to provide access to the knowledge and skills required to manage Natura 2000. Indicatively, the project modules will cover competencies identified as being required for Natura 2000 managers, in areas such as Natura 2000 policy and planning, biodiversity conservation, awareness and education, communication and collaboration and community-based engagement.

By means of workshops, webinars, interactive online learning materials, video demonstrations, case studies and a new web-based ‘hub’, the project will increase access to a range of information and enable experience exchange – sharing your experience matters, especially for Natura 2000 managers, so be involved and start e-learning!


The project is led by the EUROPARC Federation with the support of six partners:

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