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Alpi Marittime Nature Park (IT) © Nanni Villani

The EUROPARC Federation is the network for Europe’s natural and cultural heritage. Created by our members, the Federation works, to improve the management of Protected Areas in Europe through international cooperation, exchange of ideas and experience, and by influencing policy.

As the representative body of Europe’s Protected Areas we are the collective voice for all nature and landscape areas and we seek to build a stronger, unifying, European network organisation that is better placed to support our members and to respond to current and future challenges Europe’s nature is facing.

The EUROPARC Federation is dedicated to practical nature conservation and sustainable development of Europe’s biodiversity, fostering holistic landscape approaches in its management.

We come together from across Europe, with a shared passion for nature and landscapes to look beyond our parks and highlight their importance to the environmental, social and economic development of our regions, countries and European society.

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If you share our passion for Europe’s iconic landscapes and seascapes, traditional cultures and inspirational nature, then please support us, join us and work with us!

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