Sections representatives sign the new Section Agreement at the EUROPARC Conference 2023. Picture by PDF-Grafie.

Over the years, the Federation has supported the creation of eight regional and national sections. The sections fulfil many of the EUROPARC Federations’ aims, whilst reflecting the priorities and characteristics of the areas they cover. They undertake a huge volume of work to a high professional standard and both support and stimulate the work of the Federation as a whole.

During the Award Ceremony at the EUROPARC Conference 2023, the EUROPARC Federation at all eight sections renewed the partnership agreement. This renewal underlines the strong desire for an even stronger cooperation in the future, joint undertakings, as well as our dedication to work together towards our shared vision of:

Sustainable Nature; Valued by People

You can read the partnership agreement here.

Discover more about our sections and watch the film below to learn how the Sections are cooperating.

EUROPARC Nordic-Baltic

EUROPARC Atlantic Isles

EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe

EUROPARC Low Countries

Nationale Naturlandschaften e.V. (EUROPARC Deutschland)

EUROPARC Francophone

EUROPARC Italy / Federparchi