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We are the EUROPARC Federation and we represent hundreds of responsible authorities and thousands of Protected Areas in 40 countries. We often say in EUROPARC that nature knows no boundaries and we therefore facilitate international co-operation in all aspects of Protected Area management to improve and conserve our shared natural inheritance. Someone out there has the answer to your question, a solution to your problem, an idea you can use. So connect to the network!

We are really proud that EUROPARC is recognised around the world as a professional network of European Protected Areas providing a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

It’s great working with interesting people who look after special places and we’d be delighted to welcome you to be a part of it! Hopefully you’ll find out more as you navigate through the website, or check us out on facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedInWe especially look forward to welcoming you in person at any one of our events or at our annual Conference.

The very latest from EUROPARC Federation

You are invited: Siggen Seminar 2022!

Bringing together Protected Area professionals to learn together, share experience and knowledge in various aspects of Protected Area management and innovate new ideas is at the heart of the EUROPARC Federation’s work. Thanks to the generous support of the Alfred Toepfer...

3 new Parks join the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism!

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) is a methodology to support sustainable development around Protected Areas. In 2021 three new Parks joined the "Charter Network". Sustainable tourism is Good for Parks, Good for People! [caption id="attachment_10984" align="alignleft" width="300"] Logo of...

New podcast: Giving a voice to young people

EUROPARC Podcast: Voices from the Parks brings inspiring stories from across the network when you’re on the go. In this episode: Ainya Taylor and Carolina Chinese talk about the importance of involving young people in Protected Areas. Who is speaking?...

First ever sustainable business awarded in Sweden!

The Hotel and Restaurant Kullagårdens Wärdshus, in Mölle, was the first company in Sweden to become a certified sustainable partner of Kullaberg on February the 12th, 2021, through the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism by the EUROPARC Federation. EUROPARC's European...

Apply now for EUROPARC's Star Awards!

The Star Awards are EUROPARC's Sustainable Tourism Partner Awards directed at the private enterprises following the principles of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. EUROPARC Sustainable Tourism Partners’ Award Sustainable Destinations depend on businesses, communities, and municipalities...

EUROPARC Youth Manifesto!

A Call for Change in Rural Communities and Protected Areas The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is a source of ideas and inspiration for decision-makers in Protected Areas and rural communities to ensure the involvement and empowerment of young people. Young people play an...

CEETO - Central Europe Ecotourism: tools for nature protection

Discover the work of EUROPARC inside this ambitious project that aims to improve tourism management in several regions of Europe.

LIFE - Building capacity through innovative training tools

Learn more about this project that supports e-learning and capacity building for Natura 2000 Managers


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EUROPARC has produced a number of publications over the years connected to past and present projects as well as regular information about the Federation including our monthly eNews, PA- InSight Journal and our Annual Report. You can access the Library and download the main publications by clicking the button below.

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