EUROPARC seeks to build a strong, united voice for Europe’s natural heritage, that will be the voice for all nature and landscape Protected Areas.

EUROPARC Strategy to 2030

This EUROPARC Federation strategy is based on extensive consultation with members and is a mechanism to bring clarity to the purpose of our organisation and to enable us to discover “imaginative” means to achieve our mission and vision.

Naturally, the strategy takes a “big-picture-view” of the Federation, showing the areas we will work across.

Through the implementation of this strategy, EUROPARC will further seek to align both the work of the Federation and that of its members to European and international policy. Now, with the spotlight more and more prominently on nature and the importance of Protected Areas, our Strategy to 2030 wants to ensure our work is fit to deliver.

Protected Areas need to be at the forefront in protecting nature, restoring what is degraded and connecting what is fragmented.


We believe it is important that our work is underpinned by a set of values that should permeate our organisation. All the work of the strategy has been identified in order to accomplish the mission and work toward the vision. We will also ensure that the set of values espoused by EUROPARC is also embedded in both what we do and how we do it.

Throughout the implementation of the strategy, we will seek to inspire, innovate, invest, influence and inform in order to have the IMPACT we seek for our Parks and the People who live and work in them.


Sustainable Nature; Valued by People.

Envisions our wishes for European nature, which will be accomplished by the implementation of our Mission:

To improve and champion the policy and practice of Protected Areas to ensure that our natural and cultural heritage is protected and enhanced for current and future generations.

We look forward to connecting members and working together with our partners who share our passion for Europe’s Protected Areas.


Our developments and how exactly we are implementing our Strategy can be followed through the Annual Report of the EUROPARC Federation. You can find them all here.

Find out more about our ambitions and aspirations for our members who manage Europe’s Protected Areas and access the EUROPARC strategy to 2030 in three languages at the end of this page.