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Soca trail in Triglav National Park (SI) © Triglav National Park Authority

Who can participate?

European protected areas engaged in transfrontier cooperation are invited to apply, provided they are full members of the EUROPARC Federation. Organisations, ministries, and partners supporting this initiative are also eligible to initiate an application. To ensure a cohesive effort, all submissions must have the full agreement of the protected areas involved. This is a unique opportunity to collaborate across borders and enhance conservation efforts, so join us in this exciting endeavour!

Registration and Application

Step 1: Formal Registration

Protected areas interested in certification must first formally register with the EUROPARC Headquarters.

Action: Fill in the registration form, available here, and email it to Nella Sergejeva.

Payment: Transfer the registration fee to EUROPARC.

Step 2: Receive the Manual-Guidelines

After registration, you will receive the detailed document “Manual-Guidelines for Protected Areas,” which accompanies the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme.

1. Introduction to the EUROPARC Transboundary Parks Programme
2. Description and timetable for the application and evaluation process
3. The Basic Standards
4. Detailed Application Forms

Action: Read the documents thoroughly as they provide crucial background information for your certification journey.

Step 3: Work Through the Basic Standards

Assess what has already been achieved and identify areas needing improvement to meet the Basic Standards for transboundary cooperation.

Action: Collect necessary information and, together with your partner protected area(s), fill in the application form.

Payment: Transfer the application fee to the Federation.

Step 4: Submit Application for Evaluation

Send the completed application form to EUROPARC for evaluation.

Action: Wait for EUROPARC to review your submission.

Next Steps: If EUROPARC decides the application forms are complete, the verification procedure begins.

For more details on the verification process, please refer to this document.


Protected area administrations applying for the EUROPARC Transboundary Certificate are required to pay a registration fee in the first step and an application fee to cover the basic administrative costs and the costs of the verification process related to their application in the second step. Details can be found in the document Conditions & Costs.

In addition to these fees payable to EUROPARC the applicant parks are required to cover all costs directly related to the field evaluation mission, except consultancy fees and international travel costs of the EUROPARC verifiers. This includes transfer costs for the verifiers to and from the nearest airport or railway to the TBPA location, their accommodation, food and local travel during the field evaluation mission within the TBPA.

Information on the application process, conditions and costs related can be found in the documents at the end of this page.

Contact Nella Sergejeva for more information.