EUROPARC in Brussels

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Based in Brussels, our EUROPARC policy office ensures direct connection with European Institutions, including European Commission, European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the Committee of the Regions.

How we work

To achieve our policy priorities and to contribute effectively to the development and implementation of EU policies, EUROPARC conducts regular meetings with national and regional authorities, engages in dialogue with other international organisations in Brussels and represents its members in various events, fori and Expert Groups. We also organise specific events, among them the Seminar-Dialogues with the European Commission on Protected Areas and EU policies, and the annual Award Ceremony of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, realised in collaboration with the European Parliament.

Our Brussels Office

The IUCN EU representative office is not only an important partner itself, but also hosts the EUROPARC Brussels office and the European Habitats Forum, thus providing further valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.

To learn more about our European cooperation, go to European Partnerships.

For more information on what EUROPARC is up to in Brussels feel free to contact our Policy Officer Stefania Petrosillo:

Skype: Stefania.petrosillo.europarc