European Policy & Protected Areas

European Parliament - elections 2019

The work of Protected Areas across Europe makes a valuable contribution across several European Union policy areas, on nature and biodiversity, on sustainable and rural development and on quite all aspects of the new EU Green Deal.

There are many links to different areas of work that involve Protected Areas, such as agriculture, regional development, tourism, fisheries, health, climate change, cross-border cooperation, youth, culture and education.

Through its Brussels office, EUROPARC ensures direct connection with European Institutions, including the EU Commission, EU Parliament, EU Committee of the Regions, and with the Council of Europe.

We represent members interests at European level and actively contribute to the development of EU relevant policies, providing expertise, facilitating the exchange of experiences and driving the flow of information from and to our members.

The EU Green Deal has enormous potential to transform our Europe. In order to fulfil its ambitions, it cannot remain a commitment on paper: it requires to be applied concretely at European, national and local levels. EUROPARC and its wide network of Protected Areas are ready and willing to play their role to contribute effective implementation of the EU Green Deal strategies.

Find the letter from EUROPARC to the EU Institutions: “EUROPARC’s support to the EU Green Deal “.

LOST in the labyrinth of the EU institutions? No need to panic! To find your way through the maze, have a look at this short presentation made by the Brussels office team in 2019: “Seminar Dialogue 2019 – welcome to Brussels

For more information on what EUROPARC is up to in Brussels please visit the info sections on EU Policy & Advocacy, our Brussels office, Partnership with EU institutions and European Platforms – or get in touch directly with our Policy Officer Stefania Petrosillo:

For specific information about the EUROPARC engagement for Natura 2000 go to our dedicated Natura 2000 section.