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Connecting people in nature, Hoge-Kempen-Masland National Park (BE) © Erwin Christis outdoor photographer, www.creativenature.be

Europe has a fragmented landscape which is under increasing pressure from competing land use demands, climate change and insufficient management. There is also a need to manage all Protected Areas with reference to their wider surroundings and in terms of their key importance for Europe’s natural heritage, its people and communities. This context necessitates change and holds significant opportunities – saving biodiversity is not optional: how it is used, managed, resourced and prioritised is important. New, better-integrated approaches and more innovative funding mechanisms are required.

Greater ecological coherence, increased protection for biodiversity and improved sustainability for our natural and cultural heritage and its resources are urgently needed.
The EUROPARC Federation therefore as the representative body of Europe’s Protected Areas, is the collective voice for all nature and landscape areas and seeks to build a stronger, unifying, European network organisation that is better placed to support our members and to respond to current and future challenges facing Europe’s nature.

EUROPARC provides a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

Find out more about our work and members and browse through information in our library, or get to now the latest news updates on European policy and protected areas.

EUROPARC believes it is important that our work is underpinned by a set of values that should permeate our organisation.

We want to ensure that the set of values espoused by EUROPARC, is also embedded in both what we do and how we do it.

  • FUN to provide opportunities for enjoyable networking experiences. Cultural and professional barriers can be overcome to enable people and organisations to cooperate better together.
  • RESPECT for each other, for cultural differences, people in the landscape and for the intrinsic value of nature.
  • SHARING experiences, knowledge, ideas, best practise.
  • LEARNING new skills, how to manage nature and sustainable development.
  • COOPERATING with each other, on projects, to develop and innovate for Protected Area management, to conserve nature and promote sustainable development.
  • SUSTAINABILITY to consider the impact of our operations on the environment and to ensure we make sustainable choices whenever possible.

So if you find yourself in agreement, and want to help us build a network that helps your organisations and others across Europe than why not get involved!

EUROPARC Federation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental-organisation, dependent on financial support and expertise from our membership, partners and funders to take our work forward.

As a business or individual, you can also support the work we do. In doing so, you help us help nature, promote sustainable development and increase the understanding and conservation of Europe’s green inheritance.

Use the menu to navigate through our projects and learn more about the Federation with our latest infographics: 10 Facts that you Should Know about Europarc.

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