Transboundary Parks Programme

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EUROPARC’s Transboundary Parks Programme initiative is a special verification and certification system that aims to promote and facilitate transboundary cooperation between European Protected Areas. There are four elements to the system:

  • the unique EUROPARC Basic Standards for transfrontier cooperation,
  • a verification process carried out by external verifiers,
  • the formal certification as a “EUROPARC Transboundary Area” if the application was successful and
  • the renewal of the Certificate every five years.

The application is open to European Protected Areas involved in transfrontier cooperation, that are a member of EUROPARC.

Together the Basic Standards and the verification process provide a unique support system for Protected Areas engaged in transboundary cooperation in Europe. The system sets the standard for transboundary cooperation, to which all TBPAs should aspire.

Independant verifiers assess the park whilst the Transboundary Steering and Evaluation committee (STEC) upon receiving reports from the verifiers, make recommendations to the EUROPARC Council, who then formally decide whether a Protected Area will be awarded the certification or re-evaluation.

Find out more about the evaluation procedure by clicking on the links in the text above. If you still have questions about the programme or the evaluation system after reading this, please contact Stefania Petrosillo (stefania.petrosillo

The importance of Transboundary Parks Programme through the eyes of Michael Hošek, President of EUROPARC Central and Eastern Europe Section.