Women in Protected Areas

Woman in Protected Areas © Javier Puertas

EUROPARC-España, in partnership with Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez and Altekio Iniciativas hacia la Sostenibilidad is developing a project about the role of Women in Spanish Protected Areas. It aims to raise increase the involvment of women in the governance of protected areas, and find new opportunities for the economic and social development of rural areas. The project is designated “Women, drivers for economic diversification of the rural areas and for the improvement of governance in nature protected areas” (“Mujeres, motores para la diversificación económica en el medio rural y para la mejora de la gobernanzatravés de los espacios naturales protegidos) and all information is available here.

Women are still a minority in the corridors of power and decision-making in the management of Spain’s protected areas. It is estimated that there are 34% of women in executive and co-ordination positions versus 66% of men. In technical jobs, women represent 42% versus 58% of men. The project offers the first diagnosis on the role of women in Spain’s protected areas and an analysis of the entrepreneurship opportunities linked to the values of natural areas. Protected areas are key sites settings for the conservation of nature. They are also territories in which to live and work, which combine social and economic development with the enjoyment of their heritage values. 

The first report is already available in English, and can be downloaded below. You can also download the Spanish version.

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