EUROPARC Commissions

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The EUROPARC Federation is a membership organisation and exists to serve the needs of our members, as stated in our  strategy. Further, as a result of the new priorities in the strategy, we needed to reform what were our previous working groups.

We have therefore decided to create new commissions, to distinguish them from the old working groups, and to which members are invited to participate. If there is sufficient interest, these commissions can operate at two levels – as a core group who will form the commission, and drive the agreed agenda and an advisory e-forum, who input with ideas and information.

In this way, with members involvement, EUROPARC can develop activities that are close to the needs of the membership.

Get to know our Commissions

Agriculture and Protected Areas

Climate Change Task Force


Healthy Parks Healthy People Commission

Natura 2000

Transboundary Cooperation Task Force