Fedenatur/Periurban Commission

Nord Milano Park

Following the decision to integrate Fedenatur and EUROPARC Federation, the creation of a Fedenatur/Periurban commission is a response to that and a clear signal of the commitment of the newly combined network.

Building on the excellent work of Fedenatur in taking forward the important work of the periurban parks, this new commission will seek to build a strategy for  EUROPARC to take forward.

Combining the respective memberships creates a Protected Area network that will cover 40% of Natura 2000 sites (marine and terrestrial).

The periurban parks are extremely important greenspaces where peak daily visitation can reach 34.000, more than attend most major European league football matches. In and around towns and cities, Fedenatur member parks provide services for a total population of almost 24 million people.  Added to the 73 million people who visit, the 56 million who live beside and 4 million who reside in parks awarded with EUROPARC’s charter for Sustainable Tourism, the members of the combined organisation serve a constituency of at least 25% of the European population.

The extended network will add new stakeholders, together seeking nature conservation and sustainable development solutions to the challenges that face us all.  EUROPARC has built considerable proficiency in the support of protected area management and looks forward to working too with stakeholders responsible for periurban parks, through this commission, to share experience, which will help all of Europe’s greenspaces and landscapes be places that are good for biodiversity and good for people.

Overall Mission

To prepare a strategy and workplan that will set priorities of the periurban agenda of work within the EUROPARC Federation.


Chair – Marià Martí, Parc de Collserola (ES)

Riccardo Gini, Parco Nord Milano (IT)

Damien Prost-Roman, Grand-Parc Miribel Jonage (FR)

Etienne Aulotte, Bruxelles Environnement (BE)

Nikos Pangas, Mt Hymettus Aesthetic Forest (GR)

Annukka Rasinmäki, Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland (FI)

Andrej Verlič, Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib Landscape Park (SL)


  • Workshop “Making and Impact – measuring the impact of people in Periurban Parks” at EUROPARC Conference 2017 download presentations