— Become a Sustainable Partner

If you have already been awarded as a Sustainable Partner (ECST Phase 2), please introduce your data here, so as to appear in this map.

Who can become a Sustainable Partner?

  • local business located in a Sustainable Destination that has been awarded the ECST under Part 1 and are within the five-year period of the certificate.

What are the requirements to become a Sustainable Partner?

  • Commit to the vision, mission, and principles of the Charter;
  • Relate to the local Permanent Sustainable Tourism Forum
  • Support the implementation of the sustainable tourism strategy and action plan
  • Demonstrate compliance with relevant quality and sustainability criteria or certifications
  • Have their own sustainability management plan for their business that is agreed with the Protected Area authority;
  • Maintain close relationships with the Protected Area authority and other businesses and stakeholders engaged with the Charter.

These requirements are further interpreted and developed by different countries and sections to suit their local circumstances.

The ECST Part 2 is a process led directly by the Protected Area authority, through a methodology developed at the national/supranational level by EUROPARC Sections and approved by the EUROPARC Federation. Park authorities are therefore responsible to invite Partners, review applications, evaluate the Partners’ performance and award the Business Partners Certificate.

Protected Area authorities that wish to pursue Part 2 of the Charter should contact EUROPARC to clarify the situation pertaining to their country and what may be required.

In countries where the methodology is not implemented, EUROPARC highly encourages Protected Areas to submit their own methodology, inspired by the existing ones. Technical support and guidance are available.

Below are the current approved ECST2 Methodologies:

Atlantic Isles Business 

  • Countries covered: Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • Guidelines
  • ECST2 portal

French Business

Italian Business

Nordic-Baltic Business

  • Countries covered: Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
  • Guidelines
  • ECST2 portal

Portuguese Business

Spanish Business