15% discount for EUROPARC Members @ World Forum on Natural Capital


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23 – 24 November, Edinburgh, Scotland

The World Forum on Natural Capital will bring together the leading players and the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

EUROPARC Federation members can benefit of 15% discount off to the World Forum. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Pais, and she will provide you the code that should be used in the booking system.

Over two days, delegates will have a unique opportunity to engage in high-level discussions and examine how natural capital relates to their own long-term strategy. Breakout sessions can be mixed and matched across four streams: Understanding and managing risk; Innovation and toolsFocus on finance and investment; and Policy dialogues.

Connecting with other leaders, learning from real-life case studies and helping to shape the emerging dialogue, delegates will be able to immerse themselves in a collective effort to manage risks and maximise opportunities.

Thought-provoking plenaries, interactive workshops and lively panel sessions will enable delegates to:

  • Identify the high-level natural capital risks most relevant to their sector
  • Understand the financial implications of poor management of natural capital
  • Develop strategies to avoid volatility in the supply chain
  • Navigate their way through the range of natural capital tools available
  • Understand how better management of natural capital can help create competitive advantage
  • Consider the impact of changing expectations amongst consumers and shareholders

The World Forum offers a unique opportunity to hear the latest developments, learn from real-life case studies and connect with leading players to help shape the emerging dialogue. World-class speakers, facilitators and panel guests will provide practical, inspiring and thought-provoking insights and practical advice.

It is time to recognize that human capital and natural capital are every bit as important as financial capital

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General – United Nations

Jane Hodges, the renowned ecologist that won Alfred Toepfer Medal 2015

Jane Hodges awarded the Alfred Toepfer Medal at EUROPARC Conference 2015 © Jakub Kaspar

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Recently retired Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Ecologist Jane Hodges MBE has been recognised for her work with the National Park Authority and her contribution to nature conservation.

Jane Hodges was recently awarded the prestigious Alfred Toepfer Medal for 2015 at the annual EUROPARC conference in Regensburg, Germany. This medal is awarded to those who have made a contribution to nature conservation in Europe through an extensive body of work.

National Park Authority Director of Park Direction and Planning Jane Gibson said: “When Jane started working for the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in 1981 she was, for several years, the only ecologist working for the National Park.

“She became heavily involved with a wide variety of conservation initiatives across terrestrial and marine issues, and helped to lay the foundations of the very extensive partnership-working in conservation in the National Park.

“Today the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is regarded as a major player in nature/biodiversity conservation and action and Jane played a major part in bringing this about.”

A defining moment in Jane’s career came about in 1996 with the Sea Empress oil spill. Jane was a key member of the environment team in the Response Centre and the also task groups set up by the Sea Empress Environmental Committee in the aftermath. Jane was appointed an MBE in 1999 for Services to Ecology in Pembrokeshire.

Jane helped develop partnership working with conservation organisation and initiatives such as the Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnership and the Milford Haven Monitoring Partnership, which link conservation, port management and the oil and tanker industry that is so closely co-located within the coastal National Park.

Jane said: “I am absolutely delighted and honoured to have been nominated for the Alfred Toepfer medal by my peers. My contribution to the work of the National Park Authority and to nature conservation would not have been possible without the help and support of my colleagues within the Authority and its partner organisations, and this award is as much a reflection of their work over the years as it is of mine.

“The award is a recognition of the importance of the work of the National Park Authority and its partners in conserving habitats and species, for which Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is of European, if not global importance.”

A EUROPARC spokesman added: “EUROPARC was delighted to award the Alfred Toepfer medal to Jane Hodges MBE. Her service to the nature and landscape of Pembrokeshire has been exemplary, not just locally, but across Wales and she has truly added to the value of the nature of Europe through her work.

“In addition, her ongoing energy and support to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and other organisations, post-retirement, shows her dedication and commitment to ecology.

“It was a privilege and pleasure to welcome Jane and her cheerful contribution to our recent conference.  We wish her and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park well in the future and look forward to the ongoing and significant contribution of the Welsh protected areas in Europe.”

Issued by Janet O’Toole, National Park Authority Communications,

EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop – Sustainable Tourism for Europe’s green growth

EuroActiv - What Next for Driving Green Growth?

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Today, our President Ignace Schops represented EUROPARC at the EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop “What Next for Europe in Driving Green Growth?”.

Representatives from the European Comission DG Clima, DG Environment, the European Parliament, Greenearth.travel and Sun Ark also participated in a productive discussion on how the tourism sector can be transformed into a driver of sustainable development and green growth.

EUROPARC Federation contributed with valuable insight of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas Certificate process.

The Charter provides a recognized model of governance that delivers Protected Areas as sustainable tourism destinations, as all actors in a specific region ensure the natural habitat and landscapes upon which they all depend are conserved for future generations. More than 131 sustainable destinations are certified, and over 3200 organisations are enrolled with the Charter, from Park Managers, to local businesses and tour operatores, contributing for a greener economy in Europe.

Call for Applications: Natura 2000 Awards

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The European Comission opened applications for the 2016 edition of Natura 2000 Awards.

For the third year, all Natura 2000 sites are asked to participate and highlight their work developed under 5 different categories:

Communication, Conservation, Cross-Border Cooperation and Networking, Reconciling Interests/Perceptions and Socio-Economic Benefits.

EUROPARC Transboundary Parks and Charter Areas are good candidates for this award! Applications are open until the 1st December.

Good luck!