EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop – Sustainable Tourism for Europe’s green growth

EuroActiv - What Next for Driving Green Growth?

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Today, our President Ignace Schops represented EUROPARC at the EurActiv Stakeholder Workshop “What Next for Europe in Driving Green Growth?”.

Representatives from the European Comission DG Clima, DG Environment, the European Parliament, and Sun Ark also participated in a productive discussion on how the tourism sector can be transformed into a driver of sustainable development and green growth.

EUROPARC Federation contributed with valuable insight of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas Certificate process.

The Charter provides a recognized model of governance that delivers Protected Areas as sustainable tourism destinations, as all actors in a specific region ensure the natural habitat and landscapes upon which they all depend are conserved for future generations. More than 131 sustainable destinations are certified, and over 3200 organisations are enrolled with the Charter, from Park Managers, to local businesses and tour operatores, contributing for a greener economy in Europe.