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We are the EUROPARC Federation and we represent hundreds of responsible authorities and thousands of Protected Areas in 36 countries. We often say in EUROPARC that nature knows no boundaries and we therefore facilitate international co-operation in all aspects of Protected Area management to improve and conserve our shared natural inheritance. Someone out there has the answer to your question, a solution to your problem, an idea you can use. So connect to the network!

We are really proud that EUROPARC is recognised around the world as a professional network of European Protected Areas providing a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

It’s great working with really interesting people who look after really special places and we’d be delighted to welcome you to be a part of it! Hopefully you’ll find out more as you navigate through the website, or check us out on facebook or twitter! We especially look forward to welcoming you in person at any one of our events!

The very latest from EUROPARC Federation

Accessibility and inclusion in Parks- EUROPARC Germany

 Seven participants of the first study trip to Austria on the topic of “accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in protected areas” organised by EUROPARC Germany just arrived happily back home. The study trip was part of the project...

Bialowieża Forest still under threat

A unique piece of nature The Białowieża Forest, along the Polish-Belarusian border, is one of the last vestiges of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across Europe. Today it is a National Park of about 63.000 ha that includes a large Natura 2000 site...

Actions for Nature - Conference

On the 14th of September, dozens of experts and organisations that work every day for a "fit" EU biodiversity policy, gathered at the Committee of the Regions, Brussels. How to make EU policies suitable for our actual needs? Where are...

Periurban Agricultural Parks for climate change mitigation in the Mediterranean

EUROPARC was in Palermo, Italy, at the 3rd Edition of the Mediterranean Environmental Festival "festAmbiente Mediterraneo", organised by Legambiente - the largest environmental NGO in Italy. Teresa Pastor, EUROPARC Project and Policy Development Manager, participated in the debate “The Mediterranean and the...

Fitness Check of Birds and Habitats Directives – Findings and Report.

The Fitness Check Process At beginning of the year, the European Commission started an evaluation process of the current Birds (1979) and Habitats (1992) Directives, known as Fitness Check. These two directives constitute the basis of European Conservation Policy and, after...

The Health and Social Benefits of Nature and Biodiversity Protection

Life in the city With seven out of ten people living in urban areas, a big part of our society is exposed to different impacts derived from the high population density and technology use. These impacts affect to our health...

Our 2015 annual report is out! Have a look on the activities realised by the Federation and each EUROPARC Section. The report is available in English, French and German.

Below you can download Annual Reports of the EUROPARC Federation from 2007- 2015, each in English, French and German. For inquiries and paper copies, please contact office_at_europarc.org. Please note, in 2008, two reports were produced because we changed the production...

15th international Junior Ranger Camp - “Discover the Diversity in Europe’s Parks”

EUROPARC together with the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia and Gauja National Park Foundation are organising the 15TH INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR RANGER CAMP from 10 to 16th July 2016.

Sustainable tourism pays off

Since 2014, EUROPARC France and IPAMAC have been developing, for the very first time in Europe, a certification scheme for Sustainable Tour Operators in order to formally work with the Protected Areas. This new phase of the European Charter for...


New management models for Protected Areas Protected Areas and the natural values kept inside them, are without doubt one of the most valuable resources we need to preserve. But, what if these resources can be exploited in a sustainable manner...



EUROPARC has produced a number of publications over the years connected to past and present projects as well as regular information about the Federation including our monthly eNews, PA- InSight Journal and our Annual Report. You can access the Library and download the main publications by clicking the button below.

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