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We are the EUROPARC Federation and we represent hundreds of responsible authorities and thousands of Protected Areas in 36 countries. We often say in EUROPARC that nature knows no boundaries and we therefore facilitate international co-operation in all aspects of Protected Area management to improve and conserve our shared natural inheritance. Someone out there has the answer to your question, a solution to your problem, an idea you can use. So connect to the network!

We are really proud that EUROPARC is recognised around the world as a professional network of European Protected Areas providing a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

It’s great working with really interesting people who look after really special places and we’d be delighted to welcome you to be a part of it! Hopefully you’ll find out more as you navigate through the website, or check us out on facebook or twitter! We especially look forward to welcoming you in person at any one of our events!

The very latest from EUROPARC Federation

Experience exchange with Caucasus - Müritz National Park

  On 20th and 21st of April, Müritz National Park received a group of 24 guests from protected areas in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. The focus of the meeting was the development of nature tourism, which was studied on the spot...

European policies and the role of Protected Areas - Seminar-dialogue with DG Environment

On 13th and 14th of June, EUROPARC welcomes members to a special seminar in Brussels. This is a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with the European Commission-DG Environment about the role of Protected Areas across a range of important topics.

Counted - asked – observed: On the tracks of national park visitors

One of the main challenges today for the management of national parks, is making the park accessible for visitors’ recreation in accordance with the park´s main aim – leaving nature to nature. Here is a good example from the Bavarian Forest National Park in Germany about how they are monitoring their visitors.

Linking policy and practice: The EU Biodiversity Strategy in the management of Transboundary Protected Areas

Natalya Yakusheva conducted her study visit in the Transboundary Julian Alps Ecoregion, to explore the links between the European Union's objectives for nature conservation, and the day-to-day implementation and management practices in both Protected Areas.

"One Site, One Plan. Integrated Conservation Management"

Integrated Conservation Management is the topic of the next EUROSITE workshop. Learn about the challenges and benefits of this new management approach.

Course of Photographic Activities in Protected Spaces - EUROPARC Spain

EUROPARC Spain and Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation have open the registrations for the 2017 edition of the Course of Photographic Activities in Protected Spaces This course offers both a reflection and practical aspects of the great potential that photography has...


What if you could learn about a new topic in a 3 minutes film? That's what EUROPARC LIVE is all about!

EUROPARC Conference Films

The EUROPARC Conference 2016, host by Parc Jura vaudois in Switzerland was a great success! Have a glimpse of the 4 intense days!

Register your events for the European Day of Parks celebration!

The Climate is changing, bringing changes that affect the life of every being on earth. Nature was never so threatened – nor so needed – as before. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we crop, they...

IMPACT Interreg Europe

New management models for Protected Areas Protected Areas and the natural values kept inside them, are without doubt one of the most valuable resources we need to preserve. But, what if these resources can be exploited in a sustainable manner...



EUROPARC has produced a number of publications over the years connected to past and present projects as well as regular information about the Federation including our monthly eNews, PA- InSight Journal and our Annual Report. You can access the Library and download the main publications by clicking the button below.

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