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We are the EUROPARC Federation and we represent hundreds of responsible authorities and thousands of Protected Areas in 36 countries. We often say in EUROPARC that nature knows no boundaries and we therefore facilitate international co-operation in all aspects of Protected Area management to improve and conserve our shared natural inheritance. Someone out there has the answer to your question, a solution to your problem, an idea you can use. So connect to the network!

We are really proud that EUROPARC is recognised around the world as a professional network of European Protected Areas providing a forum to share professional experience, collaborate on technical projects and progress common aims.

It’s great working with really interesting people who look after really special places and we’d be delighted to welcome you to be a part of it! Hopefully you’ll find out more as you navigate through the website, or check us out on facebook or twitter! We especially look forward to welcoming you in person at any one of our events!

The very latest from EUROPARC Federation

The Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Spain

By Javier García Gómez-Limón. Expert of EUROPARC-Spain and Responsible for the ECST in Spain. (ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH BELOW) Phase I, Awarding protected areas (Sustainable Destinations). Spain is the European country with the highest number of protected areas awarded as sustainable destinations, with...

How can nature and biodiversity help improving public health and social cohesion?

  A two-day intense workshop took place last week in Brussels organised by IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy) to present the results of a research on "Health and Social Benefits of Biodiversity and Nature Protection" and took place in the...

EU Parliament votes for Biodiversity

On the 2nd of February the European Parliament has approved -  with a very large majority - a report on the Mid-term Review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. The Parliament calls for a more effective implementation and better enforcement of...

Workshop: Managing invasive plant and animal species in the protected areas of Central and Eastern Europe

On the 2nd May 2016, experts from protected areas of Central and Eastern Europe will gather at Hortobágy National Park (Hungary) to share their practical experience on how to combat invasive/alien species in protected areas. The workshop is organised by the Central and...

Women and Protected Areas

EUROPARC-España, in partnership with Fundación Fernando González Bernáldez and Altekio Iniciativas hacia la Sostenibilidad is developing a project about the role of Women in Spanish Protected Areas. It aims to raise increase the involvment of women in the governance of protected areas, and...

"Parks of the Future"

"Parks of the Future - Protected Areas in Europe Challenging Regional and Global Change" is the most recent book of 2016 in the field of protected areas. It was published in the beginning of January and has just arrived in our...

Not the usual suspects: LIFE programme, Charter for Sustainable Tourism and Lands of Priolo

The European Commission launched a new publication entitled "LIFE and new partnerships for nature", about how conservation projects succeed by targeting unexpected audiences. One of the examples comes from our European Charter Network : Lands of Priolo, Sao Miguel - Azores,...

FINANCE MANAGER in Teilzeit (50%)

FINANCE MANAGER in Teilzeit (50%) Die Föderation EUROPARC ist das größte Netzwerk Europas, das die Arbeit von Naturschutzgebieten unterstützt und repräsentiert. Als Mitgliederorganisation befassen wir uns unter anderem mit Themen wie Naturschutz, nachhaltiger Tourismus, Weiterbildung und den Ausbau und die...

BioEUParks final conference: 3rd March 2016 in Brussels, Committee of the Regions

Biomass in Protected Areas

Save the Date for 2016 TransParcNet Meeting

Ready for TransParcNet 2015? Save your spot now. Experts in cross-border cooperation in Protected Areas get together each year at the EUROPARC TransParcNet meeting. They share good practices in transboundary cooperation, discover cross-border partnerships in other parks and look into...

Sustainable Nature, Valued by People

Enjoy our short film and see how EUROPARC is Supporting Parks, Protecting Nature and Bringing People Together.


Over the years, the Federation has supported the creation of eight regional and national sections. The sections fulfil many of the EUROPARC Federations’ aims, whilst reflecting the priorities and characteristics of the areas they cover. They undertake a huge volume...



EUROPARC has produced a number of publications over the years connected to past and present projects as well as regular information about the Federation including our monthly eNews, PA- InSight Journal and our Annual Report. You can access the Library and download the main publications by clicking the button below.

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