Selected resources on Climate Change adaptation

Wetlands affected by climate change, Biebrza National Park (PL) © IOER

0000In this section you will find existing selected information on climate change adaptation in protected areas. It should help anyone who is willing to start integrating climate change into its management practice. 

Selected methodologies & guidelines

EUROPARC-Spain: “Manual 13 – A Manual on Climate Change Adaptation for Protected Areas” (EN & SP) Read more

Natural England: “Climate Change Adaptation Manual” (EN) Download

European Commission: “Guidelines on Climate Change and Natura 2000” Read more

CMP – Open Standards for the practice of Conservation – “Conservation Standards Applied to Ecosystem-based Adaptation” Download

US National Wildlife Federation: “Climate Smart Conservation” Read more

EUROPARC Webinars on climate change adaptation in protected areas

Climate change webinar series

Oct 21, 2020 [Ep.3] : Climate change adaptation in Protected Areas – From theory to practice. Go to webinar details

April 28, 2020 [Ep. 2]: Protected Areas in a Changing Climate: a SWOT analysis. Go to webinar details

Nov 27, 2019 [Ep 1]: Setting the scene: Nature conservation in a changing climate. Go to webinar details

Digital Siggen Seminar 2020 – webinars

March 23-25, 2020

Read the highlights or access the recordings and presentations here

Our house is on fire! A word from on climate change and biodiversity loss. By Ignace Schops, President, EUROPARC

Climate change and nature protected areas. A seminar, a LIFE Project and the results of a European survey by O. de Sadeleer, EUROPARC

Elements of methodology and key concepts. Formalising key concepts definitions and elements of methodology for climate change adaptation in protected areas. A-C. Tissot, Réserves Naturelles de France

Climate Change Risk assessment and vulnerability diagnostic. Case study: “Risk assessment of Scottish protected areas features to climate change” S. Pritchard, Scottish Nature Heritage

Planning for adaptation. Case study: Adapting the management of protected areas to climate change in the Basque Country Natura 2000 by A. Butron, Ihobe – Sociedad Pública de Gestión Ambiental

Implementing the measures, an opportunity to cooperate Case study: Climate change adaptation in the Portofino Marine Protected Area, how to collaborate with local stakeholders By L. Merotto, Portofino MPA

Integration of the regulatory context. Case Study: Climate change and biodiversity conservation. Which synergies in the current legal framework of France? by P. Strosser, Acteon

EUROPARC Annual Conference 2020 – Online Workshop on climate change

Sept 09, 2020

Read the outcomes or directly download the presentation material below

Véronique Lebourgeois, Parc naturel régional du Morvan – Réserve naturelle des Tourbières du Morvan, France – download

Iris Lochon, Syndicat mixte du Parc naturel régional des Volcans d’Auvergne – Réserve de Chastreix-Sancy, France – download

Juliette Dané, Asters, Conservatoire des espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie – Réserve de Sixt-Passy, France – download

Emilien Bastian, LPO – Réserve de Lilleau des Niges, France – download

Kenzo Héas, Fédération des réserves naturelles catalanes- Réserve de la Massane, France – download