N2000 Awards & Members

Natura 2000 Award – Criteria: Why applying?

The Natura 2000 Award was launched by the European Commission in 2013, with the first prizes awarded on Natura 2000 Day in 2014. The annual Award aims to raise awareness about the Natura 2000 network, showcase excellence and encourage networking between people working on Natura 2000 sites. It awards prizes to organisations or person involved in Natura 2000, including public and local authorities, businesses, NGOs, land owners, educational institutions and individuals working to manage, or to raise awareness about Natura 2000. Prizes are divided into five award categories:

  • A. Conservation
  • B. Socio-Economic Benefits
  • C. Communication
  • D. Reconciling Interests and Perceptions
  • E. Cross-Border Cooperation and Networking

Given the key role of member Protected Areas in the management of Natura 2000 network, we encourage all EUROPARC members to have their work acknowledged by applying for the Natura 2000 Award! You will find all the details here.

The winners of the Natura 2000 Awards 2018 are out!

The European Commission’s Natura 2000 Award recognises the time, dedication and efforts Europeans invested in nature protection within the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. The Award aims to raise awareness about Natura 2000 and the role it plays for safeguarding our natural heritage and in promoting social and economic wellbeing.

Twenty-five finalists were selected out of seventy-five eligible applications from across the EU, and included several cross-border projects, involving also Turkey, and an EU-wide project.

The Natura 2000 Awards have gone to the following projects:

Follow the latest updates on the awarded projects visit the N2000 Awards Ceremony website.