European Day of Parks

Date and Time
Duration:5 hours
Organiser:Sharri Wildlife
Sharri Wildlife – Visitor Center National Park Sharri Street: Hoopoe, Upupidae


European Day of Parks

English: European Day of Parks is celebrated on May 24…

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English: European Day of Parks is celebrated on May 24 every year. This ecological observance was created by EUROPARC Federation in 1999.
European Day of Parks since 1999, when the first observance was held in different countries. May 24 was chosen as the date of observance to celebrate the anniversary of passing of a law on national parks in Sweden in 1909.
Sweden became the very first country to establish the system of national parks. 9 national parks were opened during the first year after passing of the law. Other European countries followed Sweden in its example.
National parks are priceless for the European cultural heritage and observance of European Day of Parks is aimed at strengthening of international cooperation in protection of environment. European national parks annually organize different activities, that raise public awareness of natural beauty of European nature and importance of its protection.
Program: Meeting place in Prizren at the Ralin bridge, road to Prevalla at 10h on May 24, 2022. Transport by mini bus and own cars.
Meeting place in Sharri National Park at the Tourist Information kiosk in Prevalla 11 h. Walking in the direction of the mountain on the path of Lumbardh springs, picnic, photo, discussion about the Sharri National Park, exploring flora and fauna, and then in return collecting garbage along the walking path.
The movement of the group will be done with tourist guides who are responsible during the group’s stay in nature according to the program;
The price for participation is 5 euros for members and 8 euros for non-members, for foreign visitors 12 euros.
Includes bus or car transport, a sandwich and tour guide / Looking for a sponsor for this event.
Confirmation for participation in this event is mandatory until 22 May 19 h tel: 049605952 or 049605954
Return at 16 h to the meeting point in Prevalla and return to Prizren 17:30.
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