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  1. Climate Change Task Force

    News: Composition of the Task Force About 80 conservation professionals applied to get involved. We are now running the selection process to create a balanced…

  2. Share your Insights on Climate Change Adaptation

    We need your experience on climate change adaption! EUROPARC is partnering the NaturAdapt Project to develop a management tool for climate change adaptation in protected areas that is based on a collective learning process.

  3. NaturAdapt – A dynamic collective learning process for Climate Change Adaptation

    Protected area management must adapt to climate change. In Europe, Réserves Naturelles de France, EUROPARC and eight partners have come together in this LIFE Climate…

  4. A tap on the sea can save the world

    Last week it was decided to build the largest renewable energy-run desalination plant designed for drinking water and irrigation. The new installation will be located in Agadir, Morocco. The conversion of seawater into worldwide drinking water by desalination – and put a tap on the seas – is probably the best climate adaptation measure ever. The idea of installing a tap on the seas is a multi-win solution: it tackles climate change, climate migration, … it brings back healthy ecosystems and peace!