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  1. A tap on the sea can save the world

    Last week it was decided to build the largest renewable energy-run desalination plant designed for drinking water and irrigation. The new installation will be located in Agadir, Morocco. The conversion of seawater into worldwide drinking water by desalination – and put a tap on the seas – is probably the best climate adaptation measure ever. The idea of installing a tap on the seas is a multi-win solution: it tackles climate change, climate migration, … it brings back healthy ecosystems and peace!

  2. Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change – Conference

    Open call for abstracts and oral presentations for the Conference “Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change”, that will take place in Bonn, Germany, on the 27-29 June. The conference will highlight good practices, from a scientific, practical and policy perspective. See how to submit your case study!

  3. The Tangier declaration: the role of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas in climate change mitigation and adaptation

    The 2nd Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean was organised last week by MedPAN (the network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean), RAC/SPA and the…

  4. Periurban Agricultural Parks for climate change mitigation in the Mediterranean

    EUROPARC was in Palermo, Italy, at the 3rd Edition of the Mediterranean Environmental Festival “festAmbiente Mediterraneo”, organised by Legambiente – the largest environmental NGO in…