Siggen Seminars – Training for Members

Siggen Seminar Estate © EUROPARC Federation

Bringing together Protected Area professionals to learn together, share experience and knowledge in differing aspects of Protected Area management and innovate new ideas is at the heart of the EUROPARC Federation’s work.

With the enlightened generosity of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. we have access, annually to their private seminar centre at Gut Siggen in North Germany, hugging the Baltic Sea coast.

Alfred Toepfer Stiftung’s founder was also one of the Federation’s founders and played an important role in its growth and development. They provide this facility to EUROPARC exclusively in order that those working in Protected Areas have an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge and to enable EUROPARC to use the time wisely to take forward its own development.

The opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experience, and establish professional contacts are most beneficial for working in the international context of conservation. The knowledge that participants gain in Siggen feeds back into their work in the different regions of Europe and fosters their sense of connectedness and togetherness in the EUROPARC Federation.

Siggen Seminar 2017

Protected Areas for Sustainable Agriculture: Sharing experiences from across Europe that support agriculture in Protected Areas

This year, the Siggen Seminar will run from 10th-13th*March and will focus on Protected Areas promoting Sustainable Agriculture initiatives that:

  • contribute to protect habitats and species;
  • improve landscape management;
  • support the work landowners and farmers, and resulting in high-quality productions. 

In particular, we will be looking at some partnership and management practices from France, Italy and Ireland, with inputs from other organisations, with a view to developing new guidance and models to improve the cooperation between protected areas and the farming community.

Our seminars are always fun, lively, interactive and informative. We also aim to make them relevant to the work of Protected Areas and certainly are a valuable chance to learn from others across Europe. We ask participants to come prepared with case studies or example that we can work through.

So, if you have agriculture production in or around your Protected Area and, want to understand and develop more sustainable agriculture practices then this is the seminar for you!

We will also look to the creation of a Sustainable Agriculture commission for EUROPARC to take forward this area of work, developing tools and good practice guidance for the future.

  • *IF you are interested in participating in the meeting of the new EUROPARC commission then please foresee a departure on Monday 13th March.  All others can depart on Sunday afternoon 12th March. You must indicate this preference at the time of registration in order that we can correctly reserve your accommodation.

The seminar will bring together EUROPARC members, especially from national agencies, regional governments and parks. Participants will meet fellow Protected Area managers from across Europe in a relaxing and fun atmosphere and return back renewed, refreshed and invigorated in their work!

Register for Siggen Seminar 2017

Registration closes on March 1st (or when places are filled)

Places are limited so please book early! 

Programme: download the draft programme here

Location:  The Siggen Estate (Gut Siggen), Siggen, Germany (more details on how to reach Siggen in the document above, page 4) download the travel information

Costs:  The seminar is FREE for members of the EUROPARC Federation. Participants will therefore ONLY cover their own travel to and from the event.

Registration form: download the registration form and send it back to office @